Report: China “Seriously Concerned” After U.S. Temporarily Pulls Funding From WHO

Report: China “Seriously Concerned” After U.S. Temporarily Pulls Funding From WHO
Communist China should be seriously concerned about a lot of things. That worthless (Wuhan Health Organization) WHO should be the least of their worries

Pres. Trump did the correct thing by pulling funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) after the head of the WHO lied along with China due to the fact his home country is heavily in debt to China, and they cannot be repaid the money.

And believe it or not, the mainstream media is working overtime to defend the Chinese on this one somehow.

We pay almost a trillion a year to the WHO and China $40 million. Where were the WHO experts when China let the world become infected – sitting in Zurich enjoying the good life as China would not let them in along with our CDC or other health organizations?

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Fulfilling obligations during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak seems to be something China has zero understanding of. It would seem the USA pays so the WHO can function while China pays for the WHO’s protection (not related to health or safety issues – just world image and accountability).

The WHO and China both lack morals, ethics, and have zero concern for human safety, health, or life. China is #2 in the world in the economy. It’s time for them to chip in their fair share ($400 Mil).

China said Wednesday it was “seriously concerned” about the US decision to suspend funding for the World Health Organization, and urged Washington to fulfill its obligations during the coronavirus crisis.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the Geneva-based body of putting political correctness above life-saving measures as he ordered the funding freeze for “mismanaging” the pandemic.

“China is seriously concerned about the US announcement to suspend funding for the World Health Organization,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing.

“The current global epidemic situation is grim. It is at a critical moment. This US decision will weaken WHO’s capacities and undermine the international cooperation against the epidemic.” [AFP]

China maybe could consider stopping to be a freeloader by claiming to be a developing country. The country with the 2nd largest economy and a fifth of the world population contributes less than $40M to the WHO per year vs. America’s $400M. It’s even more egregious because China likes to peddle influence in other countries with investment dollars and has a large military budget.

China should have been seriously concerned and truthful about infecting the whole planet. Did the virus start in a wet market or a biological lab, we will never know the truth.

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As I mentioned earlier, you’re now going to watch, in real-time, an uncomfortable number of the American press inadvertently defend communist China while running defense for the WHO all because of political partisanship.

Our President should demand the world pay their fair share a % of their economy like NATO to the WHO. Also, implement in the future, any country not contributing their fair share should be put on a worldwide quarantine and any country that refuses to allow any member of the WHO into their country to investigate an outbreak for their country to be placed entirely on quarantine from the world.

No travel to or from the country, including trade goods until the WHO is allowed in to determine the severity of the outbreak (this should be done immediately after we pull all US companies are manufacturing plants back to the US for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to be forever produced in the US).

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