[VIDEO] Trump-Hater Chrissy Teigen Mocked for Posting Desperate Bathroom “Swimsuit” Video 

[VIDEO] Trump-Hater Chrissy Teigen Mocked for Posting Desperate Bathroom “Swimsuit” Video 
Chrissy Teigen is turning into Madonna with these cringe-worthy and desperate bathroom videos.

Chrissy Teigen is not handling the lockdown very well.

She says she’s suffering from anxiety, she can’t sleep, and she’s overeating.

Many celebrities are feeling the pain of not being in the public eye being lavished with (fake) adoration and praise for their gigantic and insecure egos.

So, to soothe their insecurities, many of these pathetic celebs are using their social media accounts to desperately beg for attention…and it’s backfiring all over the place.

Case in point – Teigen took to Twitter where she posted a bizarre “bathroom swimsuit” video and was instantly shredded.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments Chrissy received:

“Shaped like sponge bob lol”

“This stay at home situation needs to end.”

“Did… Chrissy lose her balance halfway through? What’s going on over there?”

“John Legend gotta be cheating”

“why does this give off the vibe that you’ve been taken hostage and are speaking in code”

“I know you’re not talking about thirst trapping when you’re shaped like Frieza from Dragon Ball Z”


“I got real Madonna vibes. Not the good Madonna vibes, but the Quarantine Madonna in a milk bath kind of vibes. I know you got your start as a pageant queen, so your looks are a higher priority for you, but all I do is this:”


“Narcissistic much? Cover up, you’re not that hot.”


“You’re married, right? Inappropriate actions for a married woman. Please set better examples for the younger ones out there.:

What is it with celebrities and bathroom videos? Remember that God-awful bathtub video from Madonna? Or her singing that song in the bathroom when she almost fell?


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