4-7 Keeping You Informed! Coronavirus Hotspots Around World Show Signs Of Plateauing; Not U.S.

4-7 Keeping You Informed! Coronavirus Hotspots Around World Show Signs Of Plateauing; Not U.S.
During the day, we report and give opinions on lot of stories. We sometimes miss the most important ones so our Morning Brief is an attempt to catch up to keep you connected.

The UK prime minister spent the night in intensive care. He is not on a ventilator, but he did receive oxygen support. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab is in charge of daily affairs, but the UK has no clear succession plan, and there are concerns about its continuing coronavirus response.

Numbers are falling in coronavirus hotspots around the world. China reported no new deaths for the first time since January, while Italy and Spain registered lower rates of new cases, as some European nations started planning how to ease lockdowns. New York, New Jersey, and Louisiana also saw signs that their outbreaks are plateauing.

But the US has yet to experience the peak. A statistical model by the University of Washington shows that the highest number of daily deaths could happen on April 16. It also indicates that social distancing measures seem to be working, projecting several total deaths, about 82,000, that is lower than its previous forecast.

And the situation is still worsening in many places. France registered more than 830 deaths in one day, a record since its outbreak started in January. Japan is seeing a steady rise in cases in critical areas, including Tokyo and Osaka, and is set to announce a state of emergency.

Legislators are starting to sketch the next rescue package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats that it should be worth at least $1 trillion. The US is already throwing $2.2 trillion in. Senate leader Mitch McConnell wants to prioritize health care.

The Wisconsin primary is still on. The state’s Democrat governor tried to postpone the vote, but the state’s conservative Supreme Court blocked the move. Now voters will have to decide if they want to break social distancing rules to pick between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Samsung expects a profit increase in the first quarter. Computer manufacturers and data centers are buying more chips from the company to power a growing army of remote workers and streaming watchers. It outweighs falling gadget sales.

Months after the start of the pandemic, WhatsApp acts on misinformation. The Facebook-owned tool is reducing the number of forwards on popular messages from five to one to try and curb the fake coronavirus cures and conspiracy theories that fester the chat tool.

Foxconn sales slumped between January and March. The iPhone maker reported a revenue drop of 12% in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2019. The company has reopened some of its factories and now expects to be at full capacity by the end of the month.



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