Governor Cuomo Tells Struggling Unemployed New Yorker’s to Go Get an ‘Essential’ Job

Governor Cuomo Tells Struggling Unemployed New Yorker’s to Go Get an ‘Essential’ Job
This isn't going to bode well...

Governor Cuomo has clearly lost the American public.

In a polarizing speech at a recent press conference, Cuomo actually had the gonads to tell New Yorkers who are struggling with unemployment to get an essential job.

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Like it’s that easy?

The governor was asked at a press conference Wednesday to respond to the quarantine protesters who say the state’s economic lockdown cannot continue as-is because their cash savings are running out. After a lengthy back-and-forth with a reporter, Cuomo eventually said that if broke, out-of-work New Yorkers want a job so badly, then they should become “essential.”

That is some great advice. Why didn’t the more than 73,900 New Yorkers, including bricklayers, steelworkers, and carpenters, who lost their jobs between February and March, think of that first and become Amazon deliverymen?

“There are protesters outside right now, honking their horns and raising signs,” the reporter said, “These are regular people who are not getting a paycheck. Some of them are not getting their unemployment paycheck. And they’re saying that they don’t have time to wait for all of this [coronavirus] testing and they need to get back to work in order to feed their families.”

She added, “Their savings [are] running out; they don’t have another week. They’re not getting answers. So, their point is: the cure can’t be worse than the illness itself.”

“The illness is death,” said the governor. “What is worse than death?” [Washington Examiner]

How incredibly out of touch…

Cuomo somehow expects that those who have lost their jobs during this virus can somehow get an essential one with no issue.

This guy clearly hasn’t been paying attention.

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