Nurses Association Descend On DC To Be Heard; “We’re Tired Of Being Treated As If We Are Expendable”

Nurses Association Descend On DC To Be Heard; “We’re Tired Of Being Treated As If We Are Expendable”
A union representing New York nurses filed multiple lawsuits on Monday, accusing the state and two hospitals of allegedly "compromising the health and safety of" members fighting the coronavirus pandemic

I’ve tried my best to praise the nurses and doctors for their hard work and sacrifices and I am 100 percent behind this trip to DC by this nurses’ union.

National Nurses United want Congress and Pres. Trump to hear their voices and invoke emergency measures to provide money for N95 masks and other types of protection.

The plan on gathering outside the White House to make an impression and while they are doing so will read the names of colleagues who died during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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Coverage, including the first major lawsuits filed collectively by nurses:

  • They Are Angry: “We’re tired of being treated as if we are expendable,” NNU President Deborah Burger tells the Washington Post. “If we are killed in this pandemic, there won’t be anybody to take care of the rest of the sick people that are going to come.” Later, she added, “We’re beyond angered at this.” She estimates that more than 100 names will be read aloud at Tuesday’s White House protest.
  • Three Lawsuits Are Pending: The New York State Nurses Association has sued the state health department and two hospital systems there (Montefiore and Westchester), citing inadequate protection. It’s one of the first collective legal actions by health care workers amid the outbreak, per CNBC.

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  • First-Hand Accounts: The lawsuits include first-person accounts from the nurses, who describe “war zone” conditions. Read them here. “I began experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including cough and fever,” says Montefiore nurse Pamela Brown-Richardson in her affidavit. “I reported my symptoms to Montefiore and asked for testing. I was informed that Montefiore would not test me… I obtained testing on my own… [and] found out that I tested positive for COVID-19.”
  • Have Specific Demands: Among other things, the New York nurses want enforcement of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s directive that each direct-care nurse receives a new N95 mask daily, reports CNN. “New York’s hospitals have turned into Petri dishes where the virus is allowed to spread, unchecked by basic protective equipment and measures,” say attorneys for the union in a memorandum of law.
  • Won’t Back Down: During protests against the state lockdown in Colorado, nurses in scrubs stood in counter-protest among the protesters, reports NBC News. One in Denver, who gave her name only as Alexis, said the protests felt like “a slap in the face to medical workers.” Nobody wants to be stuck at home, she said, but “that’s not the point.”


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