Report: San Diego Deputies Issue 22 Citations to People Watching the Sunset and Enjoying “Picnics” From Inside their Cars

Report: San Diego Deputies Issue 22 Citations to People Watching the Sunset and Enjoying “Picnics” From Inside their Cars
This type of tyrannical "daycare governing" is what causes Americans to push back.

It’s one thing to be safe and respect the rules.

It’s quite another to turn America into a China-like police state.

As a person who lives in Michigan, I can tell you that buying vegetable seeds should have absolutely NOTHING to do with the containment of a virus.

Yet, here we are.

In addition, being locked up safe in your car while listening to a church service or watching the sunset should not be a reason for anyone to be hassled by law enforcement.

Yet, again, here we are.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Michigan Sheriff Explains Why He’s Refusing to Enforce Tyrannical Governor Whitmer’s Lockdown Orders

In San Diego, deputies issued 22 citations to people sitting in their cars having “picnics” and watching the sunset.

The citations carry fines of up to $1000 and/or 6 months in jail.

And people wonder why Americans have had enough of this lockdown?

The tickets were issued Friday to people who “were watching the sunset, having picnics near the beach,”  according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

“Everyone is required to stay home, except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or go to an essential job,” the department tweeted Saturday morning. “Complacency is the enemy. Take social distancing more seriously to stop coronavirus.”

The violations carry fines of up to $1,000 or six months in jail or both, the department said.

“You can easily transmit coronavirus (without) knowing it, creating a snowball effect,” a tweet from the department said. “By staying home, you can save lives. The public health orders were not created to follow when convenient.”

Last Tuesday, Encinitas Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear laid out reasons for the shutdowns.

She acknowledged that the coastline was of “sacred importance” to many in Encinitas.

But Blakespear wrote in an email to residents: “I have received lots of emails from those concerned that people or businesses need to do a better job strictly following the guidelines, and I’ve also received feedback second-guessing the decision to close beaches, saying that crowding isn’t that common on Encinitas beaches and the risk of transmission is low. After all, there is a lot of space on the sand, most of us are in family units, and people in the ocean are rarely closer than six feet from each other.”

She noted the reality that the virus spreads wherever people meet. [Times of San Diego]

This is more paranoia and fear-driven policing of people. Sitting in your car is not “spreading the virus.”

Furthermore, standing 6-feet away from people you don’t know is also not “spreading the virus.”

As the numbers of sick and dying continue to plummet, and we see that the original death models that caused this massive lockdown were completely wrong, instead of easing up on people, authorities (mainly in Democrat-run cities) are tightening their grip.

This type of tyrannical “daycare governing” is what causes Americans to push back.


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