[VIDEO] Trump Expands On Unhappiness With GA Governor “I’m not happy about Brian Kemp”

[VIDEO] Trump Expands On Unhappiness With GA Governor “I’m not happy about Brian Kemp”
I worry about him because I cannot believe he is going down this road. I am truly hoping that he just needs to have some downtime to regroup because it is not him that I am ultimately worried about.

On Thursday, Pres. Trump didn’t hold back his discontent  regarding Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp when he repeatedly said, “I’m not happy about it, and I’m not happy about Brian Kemp.”

What Trump is not happy about is Kemp’s decision to open hair and nail salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, gyms, spas, and other similar close contact businesses this early. It goes against his phased plans to reopen the country even though he gave the Governor’s leverage to do so in their timetables.


During the briefing, Pres. Trump said he could have stopped Kemp but that he’s leaving it up to the governors. Trump said that he discussed Kemp’s plan with both the medical experts on his staff Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, as well as Pence, and none of them were happy with it.

Watch the video for more…

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Pres. Trump is losing something very hard to get back, respect. His getting behind a 2.2 trillion dollar sham of a stimulus package with over a trillion dollars of liberal pork packaged in it, then the ill-policing of who gained access to the money.

Then letting himself be run by a little shill of a doctor that likely has his fingerprints all over this virus, including another doctor directly tied to Mr. Vaccine, Bill Gates. Praising liberals (at best) and now slamming leaders opening their states, which is what he said he wanted.

Businesses ruined/lost, finances ruined/lost, homes lost, cars lost, lives destroyed — it’s all right around the corner, just wait until the quarantine ends.

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I say all this because I do not blame Trump for closing down this country, I don’t. But what I am seeing is a man who has had terrible advice based on very bad information, and he is in a real quandary now because he genuinely seems to have lost that sixth sense that he has, that instinct that has served him well. The President has taken his cue from the “experts.” In the beginning, he had a measured approach because no one, including Fauci, had accurate information. While the U.S. and the world were being fed mistruths, he used his instincts, though after having a three-hour meeting with Senator Cotton and banned travel from China and then Europe. Remember, Fauci and other experts didn’t think that the ban was necessary.

Then, the “experts” came to him and showed him, models. Again those models were very damning. Models that said that if you did nothing, as many as 2.2 million Americans were going to die in a concise period of time. They told him that if he would mitigate, that number could be reduced to maybe 200 to 500 hundred thousand. He had no choice.

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But now, we are here. How we got here will need to be investigated, and China and the U.N. need to pay for the economic damage inflicted on the world. However, Trump needs to get a grip and come out fighting and I mean fighting to open up most of the country now. Here in N.J., I believe that there is the need to go a little slower just because of the dynamics that made N.Y. Metro area the epicenter.

He seems to be tired and has somehow drunk the kool-aid of the Left. I will stand by him for now, but like you, I will also not stay silent, cooler, and conservative heads need to get to him and remind him of what he accomplished and who his supporters are and why they supported him.

I worry about Pres. Trump because I cannot believe he is going down this road. I am genuinely hoping that he just needs to have some downtime to regroup because it is not him that I am ultimately worried about. I hope that his spiritual advisors are there, giving him the right kind of advice from a place of strength. Again, he is a temporary officeholder, but if we lose to the Democrats by electing Biden this November after seeing where they plan to lead us/their agenda for us, this country is toast.

He can rebuild America again, but only if he wins this upcoming November.


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