Report: de Blasio’s “Social Distancing Snitch Line” Flooded With Penis Photos and Hitler Memes

Report: de Blasio’s “Social Distancing Snitch Line” Flooded With Penis Photos and Hitler Memes
de Blasio's little tattle-tale line backfired in his communist face

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has set up a text snitch line, where New Yorkers can send photos of people who are not practicing social distancing or following lockdown rules.

He made a video and advertised the new program and gave out the number.

Immediately after that, a Twitter user reported de Blasio for not following the “rules” and included a photo of him and his wife walking around a closed park 12 miles away from the Mayor’s mansion.

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And it looks like things just keep going downhill for Mayor Bill’s little snitch line.

According to a new report the line has been flooded with penis photos and Hitler memes.


Mayor Bill de Blasio’s critics let him know how they really felt about him ordering New Yorkers to snitch on each other for violating social-distancing rules — by flooding his new tip line with crank complaints including “dick pics” and people flipping the bird, The Post has learned.

Photos of extended middle fingers, the mayor dropping the Staten Island groundhog and news coverage of him going to the gym have all been texted to a special tip line that de Blasio announced Saturday, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.

One user sent the message “We will fight this tyrannical overreach!” to the service and got an automated message that in part said, “Hello, and thank you for texting NYC311.”

“F–k you!” replied @MorganLSchmidt1, along with a meme showing Adolph Hitler and the words “TO THOSE TURNING IN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL BUSINESSES — YOU DID THE REICH THING.”

“Start flooding their reporting text numbers with this pics!” the tweet added.

Other profane messages included a photo of a bowl of gummy candies in the shape of male genitalia and a sign saying “EAT A BAG OF D–KS.”

It was not immediately clear whether any of the posters actually lived in New York City. [New York Post]

The American people have grown tired of this nonsense. Our country’s economy is on life support. It’s time to stop snitching and start getting people back to work.


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