Opinion: America Must Remember The Establishment Fights Trump Because We Didn’t Follow Their Plan During 2016 Election

Opinion: America Must Remember The Establishment Fights Trump Because We Didn’t Follow Their Plan During 2016 Election

The Globalists have been milking the American public dry since Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared on the scene. It was easy money for them.

Create a crisis, get a politician behind your cause, receive tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, payoff members of Congress, fly to Seychelles once a year, an occasional stop off at Epstein Island, hobnob with owners of MSM, pay off more members of Congress, and repeat the process. Easy Money.

Not the kind of honest scrapings most of us have to work for, but enough moola to pay cash for homes, cars, boats, second homes, etc. No borrowing, no interest payments for these people. And all they have to do is shake a few hands, grease a few palms, hold a few meetings, and it’s back to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Democrats aren’t the only crooks. We have had Republican in name only (RINOs) who are the enemy to the Conservatives mindset and Patriot Constitutionalists. Trump’s polarizing effect has revealed them for the seditious and treasonous filth they always were. The endless rationalizations why the Republican voter must vote for a RINO over a Democrat in all situations are losing their legitimacy.

Pres. Trump is a fly in their ointment. He is a wonder drug that can cure cancer they represent. He is death to their way of life. Is it any wonder that they spend every waking second trying to get rid of him?

Trump became consequential because he upset the apple cart of a planned execution, that of the US constitution. The elite decided that the public were simply rubes who were too stupid to have a say in how the country should be run. What we had was a succession of anointed ones who were part of the NWO. Hillary had been chosen to be the next in line to the exalted throne. The public had other ideas, and for that, they had to punish.

Trump was consequential in the sense that the public had a say. I wonder how many elections are left before the anointed ones control the entire outcome.

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In all honesty, today, we lack leadership and unity. Our national narrative around the coronavirus is viciously polarized, cynical, and base. That narrative is split between re-opening and staying closed, between saving our economic life and saving human life. We’re ping-ponging between charts that show collapse and recovery. We’re bickering over death counts to score political points.

Pres. Trump is not the cause of most of this. Our national politics have been polarized for years, and both parties have proven unable to manage long-term threats. But the presidency is one of the few, perhaps the only platform that can provide an antidote to the present delirium. And one of the most enduring legacies of this administration will be the vacuum of leadership that Trump has demonstrated. The president may have had moments at a press conference or speeches that rose rhetorically to the challenge, but they’ve been drowned out by the Twitter tirades, tribalism, and dishonesty.

One look at Democrat policies since the outbreak along with their choice of a presidential candidate who likely can’t tie his shoes says one thing… that they’re confident that their voter fraud scheme is well in place. They’re crazy but not entirely stupid. They didn’t even bother to look for a legitimate candidate. That in itself is very telling. They’re aware that they can’t win a fair and open election and everything they’re doing, from Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion pork bill to the push for mail-in voting says that they believe that the fix is in.

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Like Stalin said: “it isn’t who votes that count, but who counts the votes.” Almost all vote tallying and Democrats control the election commission. For everyone that thinks Trump will win by a landslide, you better think again – in a fair election, he undoubtedly would – but 2018 was very revealing. The Dems wouldn’t run Joe Biden if they didn’t know he would win by hook or by crook.

Trump needs to come out in the next month or so and tell would-be fraudsters that anyone, ANYONE caught committing any form voter fraud will be punished to the full extent of the law. Nobody is going to get a slap on the wrist.

If you are willing to subvert the Constitution, to nullify the votes of honest Americans, then you will go to jail.



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