Opinion: Dems Pass $3 Trillion Wishlist Blanketed Under Coronavirus Relief Name Tag

Opinion: Dems Pass $3 Trillion Wishlist Blanketed Under Coronavirus Relief Name Tag

There is something wrong when a government pays people more in unemployment than they can make while working.

Late Friday night, Democrats passed a massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House with a 208-199 vote; all but one Republican opposed the measure. I can see more clearly every passing day that the Democrat leaders want to lock down the country as long as they can (even pass Nov Election if they could) to make sure Pres. Trump and the Republicans lose.


The Democrats rail against Trump for worrying more about the economy than the immediate health of our people, but then front a doomed-to-fail pork roll to ‘show their values and priorities.’ You did indeed show your values and priorities…yourselves.

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There’s something I’ve grown to find more offensive about the Democratic position over the years, and it’s that they try to play up that they care about us. I don’t expect that from Republicans. They say, “Business is the backbone of our economy and society, so by helping business, we help everyone.” It’s deluded, tone-deaf, and feels generically dismissive, but it’s just a more ‘honest’ kind of deceit than what the Democrats have devolved into peddling. Don’t pretend you care. Don’t pretend you understand. You’re in it for yourselves just like everyone else.

I get that people don’t like Trump. I understand that people don’t think Republicans have any forward-looking answers. Do not confuse yourself that the Democrats are something better. They aren’t.


This is the game Democrats play. They write a bill they know Republicans will turn down and then they and the liberal press will say it’s the Republicans that are holding things up.

These politicians do NOT care about people like they claimed. They take advantage of their majority in the House to pass bills that bankrupt our country. That’s not how to fix the country and for the betterment of the people.

All just part of the plan for the $15 per hour minimum wage and universal income. Guess people will have a choice to work or not and still get their $600 per week either way. End of the line for the US, folks. It looks like socialism is here to stay. Welcome to the USSA.

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This legislation cares little for average Americans. Everyone knows the bill is dead on arrival. Pelosi and the Democrat leadership is using this virus to not only double down but quadruple down on their political interests. It’s very disgusting.

Out of the ten or twelve spending requests in the bill, only three or so are directly related to the pandemic and only three additional months of money for the people. I find it disgusting that the Democrat-run House can’t put aside the politics and focus on the reason the bill is needed, the virus.

Not only did this bill pass the House, but the voting itself was patently unconstitutional. You cannot have proxy votes in Congress, but Pelosi pushed that through anyway. From what I am hearing, something will be done about that. And yes, this bill has no chance of passing the Senate, although our good friend Sen. Mitt Romney will probably vote for it simply because he doesn’t like Trump. Pelosi is out of control.

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The longer this crisis continues, the stronger my gut feeling that this “surprise pandemic” that Dr. Fauci guaranteed to happen during Trump’s presidency was not the result of Chinese people eating bats.

The powerful and deeply entrenched globalist cabal were dealt with two black eyes, first the Brexit vote followed by Trump’s unexpected election when the globalists expected Hillary. As the neo-cons who penned the “Project for the New American Century” stated their goals in the Middle East would take time “barring a new Pearl Harbor” the depopulation agenda that is written about in the follow up to Agenda 21, the plan for 2030 and 2050 also states their goal will take time “barring war, famine or pandemic.”

Nothing happens by accident. Democrats will actively work to tank the economy and create a new underclass of people dependent on government. They must be voted out. Pelosi needs to be replaced, vote red in November.


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