Report: FL Closes Popular Beach After Visitors Decide Not To Practice Social Distancing Rules

Report: FL Closes Popular Beach After Visitors Decide Not To Practice Social Distancing Rules
So, people that refuse to comply and wear masks mess it up for everybody else and the Cities and Counties will start closing things back up, especially if there is a spike to new Coronavirus cases.

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When college kids came to the beaches for spring break, some with flippant attitudes to the dangers of getting it, later on, it came to light that some of them came down with coronavirus, bringing that into their hometowns, their own homes as well.

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South Pointe Park closed over the weekend as fast as it opened when visitors decided not to follow the rules in place, which meant wearing a face mask, usually included with social distancing.

I believe in miracles, I believe in the power of prayers and I myself did something called standing in the gap for the city and state of Florida, even got noticeable results, but I also recognize not to test God.

People NEED TO obey the rules put in place for our welfare, recognize the truth of the pandemic taking place, and exercise self-control and patience, what we all need for that day in truth to move forward, because another reality is you can’t control a portion of people, they will come out in utter defiance, and with a contagion that is not even an option.

[Miami Herald] After busy crowds — many not wearing face masks — packed the popular South Pointe Park over the weekend, the city of Miami Beach shut down the park on Monday, just five days after it reopened under loosened coronavirus restrictions.

County parks reopened throughout Miami-Dade on Wednesday, more than six weeks after Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez closed them to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has infected more people in the county than anywhere else in Florida. Miami Beach joined the county, opening city parks, golf courses and marinas.

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Gimenez reopened green spaces under strict rules, including the use of masks except when visitors are strenuously exercising. There is a carve out for those with respiratory issues and children under 2. The county’s order is meant to serve as a “minimum standard” for cities and municipalities within Miami-Dade to follow, but local governments “may impose more stringent standards,” the order reads.

In the five days that parks have been reopened in Miami Beach, park rangers have issued 8,880 verbal warnings to parkgoers not wearing facial coverings, according to Miami Beach Police. After issuing just 1,551 face-mask warnings citywide during the first two days parks were reopened, park rangers issued 2,829 alone on Saturday and another 2,432 on Sunday.

In that five-day span, park rangers issued 511 social distancing warnings and asked 1,556 guests to leave parks after they closed at 7 p.m., an hour earlier than the 8 p.m. closing time at county parks.

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Miami is filled with self-centered, self-entitled people who think the rules don’t apply to them, so people not wearing masks in public when there has been an Emergency Order to do so for weeks is not surprising. Watching it happen across the nation is something I never thought I would see, especially on the political side I choose to support, for now.

What a weird idea, right, that a wiser authority is working to keep you safe, much like when you were three years old and thought everything your parents did to keep you from what you wanted to do was simply to constrain you. And you would have done very poorly during other world pandemics with this instant mindset of yours that 6 weeks is enough time for a pandemic to end and that is it, open doors or you will riot.

That ‘no end in sight’ is called reality, and that reality can grow grimmer if the terrible-two mindsets as yours keep ranting and kicking against the rules set in place in hopes we can all have a future of back to normal in truth, not do-or-die rebellion. Once more we have here an example of two mindsets that make me sigh in relief there are others calling the shots with wiser, bigger-picture mentalities.

And so, I pray, like parents across the world dealing with terrible-twos, the wiser stand firm in holding out the rules put in place to safeguard all, and praise God that included take the swift movement to shut down again parks where some of the Terrible-Twos decided to stomp about in willful defiance – and how many of those were Typhoid Marys whom in just two days came out in numbers over 1,000 to put at risk the surrounding communities?



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