Report: Virginia Governor “Blackface” Northam Used Taxpayer Dollars to Spend 65 Days at his Luxury Beach Home

Report: Virginia Governor “Blackface” Northam Used Taxpayer Dollars to Spend 65 Days at his Luxury Beach Home

Governor Blackface never wanted this information to get out. As a matter of fact, he was so desperate to hide it that he actually invoked “executive privilege” to keep it from the American people.

However, Governor Blackface gave up on appeal, and now we know that he used taxpayer dollars to fund his jaunts to his NC beach home for 65-privileged days.

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One of the taxpayer funded-trips was so Blackface and his family could go watch a horse race.

That trip is one of roughly 2 dozen vacation trips that the Virginia taxpayers paid for.

From Just The News

The governor’s public calendar posted online for citizens to see does not show the trips or dates, and when Just the News first sought the records, Northam invoked executive privilege to deny release of his office calendar notations showing the dates he stayed at the beach home.

Just the News appealed, and the governor’s office on Wednesday night relented and provided the calendar notations for his Outer Banks trips.

Those records show Northam spent about 13% of his last 505 days in office at his out-of-state beach home, which he first bought more than a decade ago as a private doctor before he was elected to the Virginia legislature or governor’s mansion.

Dare County, N.C., tax records show the Northams’ beach home is valued at more than $579,000, was built in 2001, and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms spread out over more than 2,500 square feet.

The governor’s spokeswoman said Northam makes no apologies for the frequent trips, which cost taxpayers pilot time, driver time, fuel, and security detail expenses.

“The Governor has owned his house on the Outer Banks for over 16 years, prior to entering politics. He and the First Lady sold their Hampton Roads home (a short drive from Manteo) shortly after moving to the Executive Mansion, but like other governors, he continues to maintain a property outside of Richmond,” spokeswoman Alena Yarmosky told Just the News.

On most of his trips to his luxury beach house, Governor Blackface was driven around in a state car with a state police security detail.

Three times he and his wife used the fancy state plane to travel to the Outerbanks at an operating cost of about $1,165 per hour.

It must be nice to be a privileged liberal communist, right?

This man is a raging racist and a baby-killer, but because he’s a progressive globalist, he’s living the high-life on the peasants’ dime.



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