Failed Michigan Gov. Whitmer Slammed For Ignoring Dilapidated Dam that Broke and Destroyed an Entire City 

Failed Michigan Gov. Whitmer Slammed For Ignoring Dilapidated Dam that Broke and Destroyed an Entire City 

As many of you know by now, dams in central Michigan broke yesterday after 4 days of non-stop rain and flooded the city of Midland, destroying everything in its path, including a Dow Chemical plant filled with deadly toxins.

The Edenville Dam’s license was revoked by the feds back in 2018.

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From Breitbart

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission revoked the license for the Edenville Dam in central Michigan — which breached Tuesday — in 2018 because of concerns that the dams would not be able to withstand heavy flooding.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer confirmed that the Edenville and Sanford Dams had breached, as heavy rains hit the area.

Both the Edenville and Sanford Dams are owned by a private company, Boyce Hydro LLC, as part of a four-dam complex. The FERC revoked the company’s license to operate the Edenville Dam in September 2018. The order says that Boyce Hydro failed to address deficiencies in the dam spillway for the 14 years in which it had the license:

Of particular concern is the project’s inability to pass the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) [footnote omitted] due to inadequate spillway capacity. The Commission’s Dam Safety Guidelines require the project works to be designed to safely handle a flood up to the PMF either by withstanding overtopping of the loading condition during such a flood or alleviating the risk such that dam failure would no longer constitute a hazard to downstream life or property. [footnote omitted] In the alternative, the capacity of the spillway [footnote omitted] must be adequate to prevent the reservoir from rising to an elevation that would endanger the safety of the project works. [footnote omitted] Currently, spillway capacity at the Edenville Project can only pass about 50 percent of the PMF.

Why didn’t Governor Whitmer do anything to fix the broken dams?

Instead of focusing on the needs of her state, Whitmer has been auditioning for Dementia Joe’s VP spot and caging up her citizens like zoo animals and participating in petty and useless “revenge politics” against patriotic protesters who don’t agree with her tyrannical overreach.

Needless to say, the people of Michigan are furious and want answers from the failed and inept Governor Whitmer.

.@GovWhitmer we’re you aware that the feds revoked the license for the Edenville Dam back in 2018 because of concerns the dam wouldn’t be able to withstand heavy flooding? Why didn’t you step in and do anything? Was that dam not “essential” enough for you? This is your fault.”

“She was too busy taking away the constitutional rights of the taxpayers of Michigan”

She doesn’t give a #DAM about her people.”

“She was too concerned about fixing the damn road and not the damn damns. Also, really focused on preventing a 77 year old barber from cutting hair! I mean….priorities!!”

“And she didn’t even fix the damn roads!”

“Such incompetence!!! Prayers for Michigan”

“Because she’s a self absorbed, power thirsty jagaloon. She’s much too busy going on tv shows, auditioning to be the worst VP in American history.”

“Gretchen whitmer is so far checked out. Her mind and intellect if she even has one, is totally focused on the dream that she’s the next Vice President! Michigan isn’t even on the forefront of her mind. It’s easy to see.”

“Democratic governors never plan ahead with infrastructure.They have a knee jerk response after damage is done”

There is no excuse for Whitmer’s neglect.

Her inept “leadership” has now caused cities to be destroyed, families to lose their homes, and the toxins from the Dow Chemical plant could cause an environmental disaster for Michigan’s precious Great Lakes.

This woman shows time and time again that she’s incapable of any sort of leadership role and she should be recalled immediately.


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