[VIDEO] KT McFarland “Susan Rice is Lying, I Was in Meetings With Her and General Flynn”

[VIDEO] KT McFarland “Susan Rice is Lying, I Was in Meetings With Her and General Flynn”

You don’t get the nickname “disgraced liar” for always telling the truth. And that’s what Susan Rice is – a disgraced liar. She’s the “go-to” person who will get on TV and shamelessly lie to the American people in order to protect her Deep State cronies.

And why not? It’s not like she’s ever held accountable or anything, right?

Remember Benghazi? Rice paraded around the Sunday political talk shows and repeated the same lie over and over and over again about how a “racist” anti-Muslim Youtube video is what sparked the “protest” that ended up killing several Americans, including our ambassador. But that was all a big lie.

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However, maybe this time is different? Could we finally see this Obama stooge held accountable?

Well, that will happen if KT McFarland has anything to say about.

She’s calling out Rice for yet ANOTHER lie. Several lies, actually.

McFarland appeared on Fox Business where she tore into disgraced liar Susan Rice for lying about events surrounding General Flynn, staying she was in two of the meetings with Rice and Flynn.

You can watch the video below:

The Obama House of Cards is falling, slowly but surely the truth is being revealed through the thick fog of lies.


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