Minneapolis, MN: National Guard Ain’t Playing; Bystanders Find Out What “Light ‘Em Up” Means!

Minneapolis, MN: National Guard Ain’t Playing; Bystanders Find Out What “Light ‘Em Up” Means!

This leftist behavior has been seen many times in the past, but now it seems everywhere.

Cowardly leftist mayors and governors will not stop it. The brown shirt army of the left has taken control of leftist cities. The left is willing to do anything to defeat Pres. Trump even if it means burning down cities.

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These people protesting/rioting are an embarrassment to any civil society especially when the national guard/army has to patrol your streets. Who would ever want to be a police officer in that environment? Then you wonder why there are so many run-down cities/towns. They become bad investments for all investors. Sad reality/truth.

Matt Couch posted a video on Twitter showing how the Minnesota National Guard deals with those who do not want to comply.

There would be no need for this if this was a legitimate protest. This was also not a spontaneous response to Floyd’s death. These are well organized and well-funded anarchists/communists using this as an opportunity to spread destruction.

They’re no longer protesters. Protesters don’t get arrested. Rioters get arrested and they are not the same as a protester. Trying to call rioters a protester brings true discredit to protesters for what they’re doing.

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If Mayor and Governor have to “restore order” they already failed. They should have taken action to ensure order was maintained and not let it get out of control in the first place.

It would have been much easier for the National Guard if they were activated and on the scene before any protests began. It is much easier to maintain order and keep the calm than it is to restore order from a chaotic situation.



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