[VIDEO] Austin Park Ranger Gets Pushed Into the Lake While Lecturing Crowd on “Social Distancing”

[VIDEO] Austin Park Ranger Gets Pushed Into the Lake While Lecturing Crowd on “Social Distancing”
A Park Ranger who was urging folks to social distance got thrown into the lake by a parkgoer.

A crowd of Austin, Texas youth were out and about at a local park with a lake, when they were approached by a Park Ranger.

He was there to make sure that everyone was social distancing – staying 6-feet apart.

The thing is if you’re friends with people or related and you drove over together or live together, why would you need to stand 6-feet apart when you get out of the car?

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That seems a bit strange. Nobody tells me to stand 6 feet away from my family when I am grocery shopping.

Regardless, the Ranger was doing his job by telling folks to stop clustering. He did say “disperse yourselves,” in an attempt to get people to fan out a bit.

For the most part, the people seemed okay with the lecture – perhaps a bit annoyed – but then out of nowhere one of the parkgoers pushed the Ranger into the lake.

You can watch the video below:

Police say that a 25-year-old man was charged with attempted assault on a public service worker after a video posted on social media.


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