[VIDEO] Rand and Fauci Duke it Out During Senate Hearing “You’re Not The End All…”

[VIDEO] Rand and Fauci Duke it Out During Senate Hearing “You’re Not The End All…”

Senator Rand Paul, who is also a doctor, went after Dr. Fauci, the lead expert handling the Coronavirus crisis during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

His beef with Fauci is that 1) he’s not an economist and 2) so much of the expert reporting has been wrong.

If we knew a few months back that 5.2 million Americans wouldn’t die, would we have collapsed our entire economy?

Probably not.

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Kids are missing an entire year of school, many businesses are gone for good, unemployment is sky-high, and the experts are still urging we stay closed.

California just ordered their lockdown to extend for another three months…they expect everyone to stay inside all summer long…

For a growing amount of people, this is turning into absolute lunacy.


“People are hurting and we’re destroying our country,” Paul told reporters outside the hearing room. “We’ve got to open up business we got to let people vote, and we’re not going to live in a perfect world without infectious disease, we’re still going to have it, but we got to open the economy and that’s the number one message I have.”

The Kentucky senator, an opthamologist, told Fauci he didn’t believe there would be a surge in cases if schools opened, which is not what public health experts say. Paul dismissed predictive models of the virus. “The history of this, when we look back, will be of wrong prediction after wrong prediction after wrong prediction,” Paul said.

Paul then targeted Fauci personally: “As much as I respect you Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end-all, I don’t think you’re the one person that gets to make the decision. We can listen to your advice. But there are people on the other side saying there won’t be a surge and we can safely open the economy.”

You can watch the video below:


Here’s the full exchange:

Americans are growing very frustrated. We did what was asked of us. The curve was flattened, hospitals were never “overflowing,” and now it’s time to start getting back to some semblance of a normal life.

Quarantine the sick and elderly, that’s fine. I have a very high-risk mother, so I get it. But it’s time to let healthy people go to back to work.

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