Report: Schumer Exposes His Loyalty to China With This Stunning New Accusation

Report: Schumer Exposes His Loyalty to China With This Stunning New Accusation

Sen. Chuck Schumer definitely would’ve flunked Saul Alinsky’s’ Rules for Radicals” course, eh?

He’s openly siding with the Chinese communists after they declared war on the world. Doesn’t he know he supposed to lie and act like he’s with us?

Schumer told his MSNBC safe space, “The administration seems to have no plan. Just look at what he did a few minutes ago, another grandiose announcement: this time, a Marshall Plan on vaccinations. Well, I hope they succeed. We need vaccinations. But if the past is prologue, you have to be dubious. Because Donald Trump always has these grand announcements, and then there is no follow-through whatsoever.”

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“Look at testing, two months ago, he said, everyone who wants a test will get a test. We still are way behind in testing. … President Obama put together an extensive plan. Donald Trump seems to have no plan for anything, just announcement with no follow-through, no agencies all marching together to get something done.”

“And then there’s another grand announcement, and then the next day, there’s picking on — you know, finding a foil, McConnell found Obama. They’re going after Biden. They go after China. They go after W.H.O. There is no real focus on this by this administration to actually roll their sleeves up and solve the problem.

The W.H.O. and the U.N. only have the Communist’s interests in mind, not the U.S.A.’s. Our attendance in these organizations is worthless. Time to save our money and leave or create another organization that is not controlled by Communists and Islamists.

Trump is picking on China after they were caught trying to exterminate the U.S.A.? Schumer needs to take off the mask; he’s going into hypoxia.

People must wrap their minds around the fact that we are at a juncture in our history that our founders warned us about and would happen if we didn’t pay attention. America is at that precipice. When former President Ronald Reagan said, “We are the last bastion of freedom on earth.” He was telling us that we, America, are the only hope the world has in our mutual fight for freedom from absolute tyranny.

What is going on in this country is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. This is about good vs. evil. It is for this reason why the 2020 elections are the most crucial in the history of our existence.

The world is watching, and the patriots around the world are praying that we re-elect President Trump because the alternative would be a nightmare come true.



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