[VIDEO] Van Jones Says It’s Not the “KKK” Blacks Should Fear, It’s White Liberals

[VIDEO] Van Jones Says It’s Not the “KKK” Blacks Should Fear, It’s White Liberals

During a CNN segment, liberal pundit Van Jones, who is known for having moments of “lucidity,” dropped a truth bomb that I don’t think most liberals wanted to hear.

Jones was commenting on the situation unfolding in Minneapolis and the death of George Floyd.

As is their custom, CNN likes to focus on racism, so Jones took the topic and went in a direction that nobody saw coming.

Van claimed that it’s not the fringe KKK member that black folks should fear or focus on – it’s actually white liberals.

Jones pointed to the recent situation in Central Park, where a white liberal woman got “freaked out” by a black man birdwatching in the park after he asked her to place her dog on a leash.

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Things escalated when he tried to give her unleashed dog a treat and she called the police and reported the “African American man” to the cops.

That incident reminded me of something that happened to me when I lived in an affluent very “Bernie Sanders/Jill Biden” liberal area outside a major U.S city. We had a neighborhood message board that I was a part of and every damn day these rich, snooty white liberals were discussing how “racist” Trump supporters were and how it had to stop bla bla bla.

I was probably the only undercover Trump supporter in that entire neighborhood.

Then one day, a Hispanic man was walking down the street pushing a child’s bicycle….as he strolled by their houses, the folks on the message board started to get nervous.

Who was he? What was he doing in the neighborhood without any lawn equipment – yes, they actually said that.

It was just him and the kid’ss bike and that scared the crap out of these rich white liberals.

The entire message board went bonkers. How could this man be in “our neighborhood” without garden equipment? And whose bike was that? Did he steal it? What was he doing with a kid’s bike anyway? What was he up to????

Soon, the police were called and some of the neighbors even went outside and secretly stalked the poor guy, reporting his every move on the message board like he was “America’s Most Wanted” fugitive.

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I was reading this whole thing disgusting mess unfold and was rolling my eyes at these bigots and jerks who only saw Hispanics as “gardeners” and “maids.”

But me, the ‘Trump supporter” was the “racist” one. Give me a break.

That’s the “feel” that the Central Park situation gave me when I watched the video. That lady in the video could have been on my old message board. She would have fit in perfectly.

And that’s exactly the type of “vibe” that Van Jones is talking about – and he says that attitude and that mentality is far more damaging and concerning than some random “KKK” guy.

You can watch the video below:

More and more the left is being exposed as massive hypocrites and the lies they’ve told everyone, including minorities for decades are being outed.

It’s about time.


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