Bubba Wallace Backpedals After Disastrous CNN Appearance, Issues Yet Another Statement, But Nascar Fans Are Done

Bubba Wallace Backpedals After Disastrous CNN Appearance, Issues Yet Another Statement, But Nascar Fans Are Done

Being a former PR pro, I can see a “PR disaster” unfolding a mile away. I can also tell when a celebrity or public figure is ignoring their PR people and “winging it.”

Both of those things happened with the Bubba Wallace mess.

He made one gigantic mistake after another – as did NASCAR – but Bubba actually made matters a lot worse for NASCAR with his appearance on “The View” and that catastrophe with Don Lemon.

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His snarky tweets in between, talking about all of his “integrity” and his beaming “smile” didn’t help matters either.

During his ABC “The View” appearance, several hours before the FBI announced their findings, Bubba said that anyone who “doubted” his story was “simple-minded.”

Basically calling them backwoods hicks who aren’t “cosmopolitan” enough for the likes of a guy named “Bubba.”

After the findings, Bubba goes on Don Lemon and calls the evidence and the FBI wrong and doubles down on the “noose” story.

It was a mess top to bottom.

I am sure NASCAR was gauging the reactions online and could see that Bubba had started a massive sh*t storm. Something happened and the PR team stepped in and issued a statement, which Bubba tweeted out that sounded much more humble and sane, although I still had issues with it – especially the last line. A little too “woke” for my taste.

Here’s Bubba’s statement:

And yes,  even though this is better than going on “The View” or flipping out on Don Lemon’s show, it still was not good enough for NASCAR fans who are pretty much done with Bubba Wallace.

And they let him know in the not-so-nicest way possible:

“You stoked racial divide at the worst possible time for America just to be more famous. You are everything wrong with the mainstream media in this country right now, so go take your limp “apology” elsewhere”

You called us ALL “simple minded” No sympathy here”

“I’ll cut you NO SLACK!! You were a no name on the circuit with the exception of your race and you tried to use that to trash the entire sport and it’s supporters. TRY SAYING ALL LIVES MATTER and I might believe you’re contrite!”

“What you say here sounds great, but then why’d you go on Lemon’s bullshit show and the imbecilic View and stoke the flames of racism at a time when we all need calmer heads to prevail? You allowed yourself to be used!!!! Hope it was worth it!!”

“Probably should have led with this instead of allowing yourself to be used on the view and don lemon’s show. They played you, sat there and said nothing while you embarrassed yourself on national tv.”

“You probably should have consulted with your PR team before you went on Don Lemon last night.”

“Okay…so are you going back on @donlemon tonight or nah? Because last night you didn’t sound like this statement at all… pick a lane (pun intended)”

“Probably delete that last tweet about integrity bro, cuz you have none.”

“You lack integrity ! You were part of this whole sham. Sit down and go away”

You took up @FBI’s time that could’ve been dedicated to solving real crime 4 a hoax. You should stop feeding the divisiveness & hunting 4 racism under every rock like it’s an Easter egg. At this point it’s more than obvious & anyone with half a brain doesn’t buy the fake cries.

“The PR people finally step in”

“Not an apology…didn’t mind NASCAR before…BOYCOTTING it now”

“Publicity stunt by both sides that backfired. You and NASCAR blew it no credibility from either side”

I think it’s safe to say, people are still really irked, and Bubba should just sit down and shut the hell up for a very long time.





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