New “Antifa Government” Occupying Sections of Seattle Tries to Start a Farm…And Fails Miserably (Photos)

New “Antifa Government” Occupying Sections of Seattle Tries to Start a Farm…And Fails Miserably (Photos)

A group of Antifa anarchists who commandeered six city blocks in Seattle, are having a really hard time kick-starting their new “autonomous government.”

They’ve named their new zone “CHAZ.”

On day one, the homeless people the communists invited into CHAZ ate all their food, so they were already starving before they even started the second day.

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Now, on day 2 the group decided to start a “farm,” and that plan has gone about as badly as you can imagine.

As a matter of fact, it’s so bad that they’re being mocked and ridiculed relentlessly online.

Check out. these hilarious pictures. You can see the hopelessness and frustrations!

If that wasn’t bad enough, then an actual farmer got in on the ridicule and really tore the communist group to shreds for their terrible farming – even going so far as to call them “lazy bastards.”

Ha ha ha!

One of my favorite parts of this thread is where the farmer explains how the commie’s “calorie ratio” is so horrible that the garden is actually making them hungrier.

Here’s what he says:

Also, the calorie ratio is horrible here! let me explain. they spend around 100-200 calories to plant all that lettuce, they get 5 calories back per plant. so thats a return of -95 calories. This garden is making them hungrier and giving them almost nothing.

It’s a great read:

Hopefully, this group of American-hating commies has Pizza Hut on speed dial.



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