Report: Just Before Flynn’s “Takedown” Lawyer Says He Was Planning to Audit Brennan For “Running Billions Off The Books”

Report: Just Before Flynn’s “Takedown” Lawyer Says He Was Planning to Audit Brennan For “Running Billions Off The Books”

General Michael Flynn was taken down by the Obama cabal for a number of reasons.

But one that is not discussed enough is the “John Brennan” angle.

What does that mean?

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Well, according to Flynn’s lawyer, just before the Deep State swooped in and went after him, Flynn made it clear he would be investigating the Intel community and specifically John Brennan for “billions” Brennan and company were reportedly running off the books.

So, it appears that to avoid a pesky investigation (draining the swamp) the swamp came together to destroy their enemy.

From Washington Examiner

A lawyer for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said her client was prepared to “audit” the U.S. intelligence community as White House national security adviser.


“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

Powell offered no evidence during the interview to support the claim, but her comments echo the findings of investigative journalist Lee Smith, the author of The Plot Against the President.

During a November interview on Maria Bartiromo’s Insiders on Fox Nation along with Powell, Smith said Flynn was scrutinizing possible misconduct by the U.S. intelligence community.

“In addition to Gen. Flynn’s name being cleared, I hope that his initiative to get to the bottom of what these people were doing — to audit the intelligence community … that’s something else we need to look at again,” Smith said. “As well, his initiative to clean out the deep state.”

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Clearly, the Deep State wanted to use Flynn to try to kick off this whole “Russia Collusion” collusion nonsense, but if what Flynn’s lawyer says is accurate, then there was another very serious reason why the swamp wanted to get Flynn out of the picture.

What’s with this “billions off the books” and why aren’t the Republicans investigating?

Now that Flynn is free, he can start talking and sharing his side of the story and hopefully help Durham and Barr sort out this entire #SpyGate mess.


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