Dem Lawmaker – We Made a Mistake When We Did Not Impeach Trump For His Racism

Dem Lawmaker – We Made a Mistake When We Did Not Impeach Trump For His Racism

Democrat Representative went on CSPAN this morning and showed out but comparing Pres. Trump to Pres. Andrew Johnson.

Green told the interviewer, “[@realDonaldTrump] is the most racist president in my opinion since Andrew Johnson. He is the Andrew Johnson of his time.”

Racism is the only allegation Green ever makes. He can always be counted on to go on camera and say these things about whoever’s he is criticizing.

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Green also made the crazy comment that Democrats made a mistake by not impeaching Trump for his “insidious discrimination and his racism.” The Democrats use racism so often, especially those who disagree with them, it no longer has the impact it used to have. They seem to use it when facts and opinion are not on their side, and that shows frustration and fear.

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Green is a disgrace to the state of Texas. That man will find racism in drinking water. Again it’s all politics, but these people are still disgusting either way. Also disgraceful how he compared Trump to Johnson, give me a break.



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