[VIDEO] Jerry Nadler Has an Epic Battle With His Medical Mask…And the Mask Won

[VIDEO] Jerry Nadler Has an Epic Battle With His Medical Mask…And the Mask Won

If you’re looking for a laugh, I’ve got the video for you.

I watched this and literally busted out laughing. I’ve never seen a video that so perfectly depicts the current state of the Democrat Party better than this mess.

The second I saw it, I knew I had to get it to you!

Fresh off their “kneeling” stunt, where Dem leaders “took a knee” for Black Lives Matter (and Pelosi needed help getting back up, another HILARIOUS moment), Nadler stood at the press podium, ready to make his comments.

Or so he thought…

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Pelosi Unable to Get Up After “Taking a Knee” For Black Lives Matter, Staffer Runs to Help Her

Things went completely off the rails when Nadler and his medical mask got into an epic fight…and I’m happy to report that the mask won.


You can watch the video below:


This is one of those videos that you can watch 100 times and you laugh just as hard. It’s absolute GOLD.

These poor Dems, they just can’t seem to catch a break or doing anything right.

They’re in a perpetual state of hell, thanks to the #TrumpCurse.


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