After Today’s SCOTUS Ruling, People Demand to Know if Justice Roberts is Same “John Roberts” Listed on Epstein Flight Logs

After Today’s SCOTUS Ruling, People Demand to Know if Justice Roberts is Same “John Roberts” Listed on Epstein Flight Logs

George H.W. Bush’s SCOTUS nominee John Roberts is back at it.

Fresh off his “deciding vote” to keep unconstitutional DACA in place, Roberts – that “great conservative,” just struck down the Louisianna abortion law.

He’s worthless…and he’s likely compromised because no conservative on earth would ever vote this way.

And remember, this is the same man who stuck us with OBAMACARE in another wildly inexplicable ruling.

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Conservatives are livid, so. it reminded me of the tweet that “Covington. Boys” lawyer Lin Wood tweeted out after Roberts’s liberal DACA ruling.

He has a theory.

Mr. Wood thinks that Justice Roberts is compromised because he flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane (twice) that was staffed with underage girls.

Wood took to Twitter where he published several tweets on the topic.

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Mr. Woods points out that there was a “John Roberts” actually listed on the flight log for the “Lolita Express.”

He wants to know – was that John Roberts and the SCOTUS Chief Justice one and the same?

Here’s what he said:

“Something is up with Chief Justice John Roberts. It is time to learn whether the Chief Justice is the “John Roberts” whose name appears on flight itineraries on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. This country is entitled to know the TRUTH the whole TRUTH, & nothing but the TRUTH.”

“Get the answer. America is entitled to know the truth one way or the other. John Roberts holds the most powerful government position in the nation. Was he the “John Roberts” on the Epstein flight logs? Simple Q and A. Yes or no?”

After he asked the question, Mr. Wood claims that Twitter “shadowbanned” his page. Meaning they would not allow as many people to see what he was saying.

“Anyone surprised that @Twitter is aggressively shadowbanning my account after my tweets asking whether Chief Justice John Roberts is the “John Roberts” on Jeffrey Epstein flight logs? @jack not only suppresses truth, he & Twitter suppress honest question which merely seeks truth.”

Mr. Wood is right. We MUST know if those two “John Roberts” are the same. Because if they are, that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

Will an ethical investigative journalist with resources and a work ethic actually step up and look into this? Because a compromised SCOTUS justice must be removed from the bench.


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