Cornell West And Leo Terrell In Tense Exchange On Hannity; “Check Yourself Negro!”

Cornell West And Leo Terrell In Tense Exchange On Hannity; “Check Yourself Negro!”

On Tuesday night, Dr. Cornel West, civil rights activist, got in a remarkably heated back-and-forth with Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney on Sean Hannity’s show over the wave of protests across the country, attacks against police, and the push to “Defund the Police.”

I have always considered Leo Terrell to be a reasonably leftist guy, especially when he appears on the Sean Hannity show and is pitted up against far-right opponents. Still, over the last few weeks, he’s been very outspoken against the far-left wacko’s actions and agenda.

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West started his remarks reflecting on what a “heavy day” it’s been as a great number of people came together for George Floyd’s funeral. But it Hannity didn’t want to hear the pleasantries and wanted to get right into the thick of the situation.

West said, “You have to have police who respect the community, there has to be some community control, accountability of both citizens and police. and recognizing that the deeper issue of poverty, dilapidated schools, housing… that generates despair.”

Terrell responded with, “Why didn’t he fix the violence? Why haven’t they fixed our broken school systems? We have failed America’s children,” in an attempt to bring up failing Chicago and former Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

I will admit that Terrell went hard early and fast by dismissing West for not answering Hannity’s questions instead of “giving you old talking points.”

The back-and-forth continued and got so heated that Terrell started repeatedly saying, “Cut him off!”

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Watch here:

Let’s look past this noise and bring in some facts. The Mayor of Chicago is the enemy of the people, and I have no clue why the people of Chicago aren’t protesting her. This is unbelievable. The blacks must have no idea that cops aren’t the killers here. They are going on and on about things to do with housing, jobs, but those are the things that Pres. Trump is trying to fix, and he has done more for minorities than Barack Obama or any president for that matter before him. What do these leaders want, I think they know they are wrong but they won’t admit it because they hate Trump.

If Americans pay attention, they will realize that the majority of people taking part in the so-called protests are white liberals. These are the guilty whites that have jacked up the black community all over the map. Portray themselves as the good whites, when in reality, have destroyed more black lives than the Klan. Via Abortion and Soft on Crime policies. The Black Civil Rights Movement was hijacked by white liberals from the Northeast as well. This is a replay of that all over again.

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The riots showed what happens without police intervention. The reality is if the police were done away with armed citizens would have nipped it in the bud on day one. The last thing liberals would want is open season on their members. If they thought “stand your ground” laws were terrible, they haven’t felt this defund crap out. They don’t want prisons either.

Imagine citizens could handle the issue, no more trials, and convictions.

To briefly get back to the video, West blamed it on poverty and jobs. Why didn’t Hannity jump in and inform him that Pres. Trump is the ONLY politician literally trying to lift them out of poverty with better unemployment numbers and opportunity zones?
Obama never did that.

The reason is simple. Both West and Terrell played the game. The purpose of the segment was to make them look like savages. Show their hot heads and don’t believe for a second that Fox News didn’t know exactly what would happen when they booked them.



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