[VIDEO] Pelosi Announces She’s Proud to Name Dems “Police Reform Bill” After “George Kirby”

[VIDEO] Pelosi Announces She’s Proud to Name Dems “Police Reform Bill” After “George Kirby”

Nancy Pelosi cares so much about George Floyd that she doesn’t even know his name.

While speaking about the House “police reform” bill, Pelosi’s launches into one of her infamous “pandering speeches” trying once again to politicize anything and everything – but this the old bird was unable to pull it off.

Pelosi really has lost her touch, hasn’t she?

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You can watch the video below:


Back in the day, Pelosi would have pulled off that pander perfectly, without missing a beat…But today, she’s flustered, confused, unable to think clearly and she’s revealing the world what shallow, phony charlatans the Dems truly are.


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