[VIDEO] NYPD Boss Delivers One of the Most Powerful Speeches You’ll Ever Hear “Stop Treating Us Like Animals”

[VIDEO] NYPD Boss Delivers One of the Most Powerful Speeches You’ll Ever Hear “Stop Treating Us Like Animals”

I saw someone post this video and say “this is the most important video online right now” and I kinda thought, “okay, sure…”

People always say that stuff for dramatic effect….but this wasn’t drama…he was actually right. It really is the most important video on social media right now.

So what makes it so important?

Well, for starters the truth. I feel like we’re all living in liberal la-la land where up is down and down is up. We’re supposed to forget what we see and hear and pretend riots are peaceful and now, suddenly gatherings of thousands of people do not cause COVID to spread – what??…. It’s just crazy. So, it was nice hearing the truth and facts for a change.

I also liked his raw passion.

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Everything we see now is so pandering and fake and phony. It feels like everything is manufactured.

But this cop was real and raw.

And of course, I love that he ripped into the fake news media.

This video is something we should all watch and share.

You can watch the video below:

More than ever it’s proven that our fake news media truly is the enemy of the people.

And even though President Trump has thankfully stropped much of their power, they still wield a lot and can influence so much of what happens when they all get together, like they are right now – inciting riots, after just finishing their pandemic panic.

We need to stay strong and keep fighting – November is right around the corner…and God knows what else the Demonic Dems have planned.


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