Report: BLM Co-Founder Once “Begged Allah” in a Tweet For “Strength” Not to Kill White People

Report: BLM Co-Founder Once “Begged Allah” in a Tweet For “Strength” Not to Kill White People

If you wonder how BLM became such a violent and militant group, wonder no more…their violent and radical roots go back to the beginning of the movement.

A Sudanese refugee and proud Marxist by the name of Yusra Khogali is one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter collective in Canada.

Khogali is also a devout anti-white activist and racist.

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She believes white people are “subhuman” and should be “wiped out.”

As a matter of fact, she hates white people so passionately, once, she went on Twitter and in a now-deleted tweet, asked “Allah” to give her the strength not to “kill white people.”

Couple that energy with what we see today from BLM – threatening to burn America down and claiming to be proud “trained Marxists” – and you get a better understanding of why we’re in the place we are right now.

Also, remember, Obama, legitimized this Marxist group while he was in the White House.

From The National Pulse

The unearthed comments from Yusra Khogali follows co-founders of the U.S. branch of Black Lives Matter (BLM) being exposed by The National Pulse for vowing to oppose capitalism and claiming “we’re trained Marxists.”

The tweet – no longer on the social media platform – read:

“Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz.”

Khogali, an alleged “anti-racist” activist and founder of the Black Liberation Collective Canada, only had one qualm with the tweet: it “drowned out the discussion we sought to spark about the black lives of those who have died at the guns of police in this country.”

The daughter of Sudanese refugees has also insisted white people are “recessive genetic defects” who should be “wiped out,” that “whiteness is not humxness,” and “white skin is sub-humxn” in 2015 Facebook posts.

Despite these clearly racist attacks, Khogali received a Canadian government-sanctioned “Young Women in Leadership Award” in 2018.

Recipients of the awards are connected with “women interested in politics with female leaders on council and in the civil service,” and “the program is meant to encourage women to run for public office. Khogali has also been invited to speak at countless universities.

While BLM has turned increasingly violent in the wake of George Floyd’s death – tearing down historic statues and monuments nationwide – it appears this radical leaning has long been a lifeblood for the movement.

You can watch the video below:

There’s a definite “violent/hateful/Marxist” theme running through Black Lives Matter today. And it didn’t just start…it was built on that foundation, and this is why wherever BLM goes, violence, riots, burning, and looting follow.

This is not a movement about lifting up blacks.

It’s a communist movement about tearing America down.


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