Report: A&E Just Lost Half Their Audience After Going “Woke” And Canceling “Live PD”

Report: A&E Just Lost Half Their Audience After Going “Woke” And Canceling “Live PD”

How many times do “woke” companies and businesses have to fail before they wise up and stop this politically correct nonsense?

A&E is just another example of the stupid “woke culture” that will kill your business in a heartbeat.

Right after the George Floyd killing, A&E panicked and for reasons I still don’t understand, canceled their hit show “Live PD.”

“Live PD” was a show that followed police officers in the course of their patrols live and broadcasted select encounters from all across the nation.

It made absolutely no sense and was a knee-jerk reaction to riots and protests.

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What these companies and businesses don’t understand is that BLM does not represent the majority of people and they certainly do not represent average, decent Americans who don’t support riots and violence of any kind.

So who was A&E trying to please with this absurd move? Rioters in the streets who never watch their show, to begin with?


What ended up happening was that they pissed off their core with this silly politically correct “SJW” stunt and those people didn’t stick around for more.

Since going “woke,” A&E has lost half of its overall viewers. The ratings for the cable network are in the toilet now.

Gee, I hope it was worth it.

From Hot Air

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving network. A&E panicked in the aftermath of the homicide of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and canceled all of its “Live PD” programming. Half of its viewers responded by canceling their A&E viewing, the Wall Street Journal reported today (via Instapundit):

Ratings for A&E Network have plummeted since it canceled the hit police reality show “Live PD” on June 10, a sign of how much the network relies on law-enforcement programming.

Average prime-time viewership for A&E between June 11 and July 19 was 498,000 people, down 49% from the same period last year, according to data from Nielsen. In the key demographics of adults 18-49 and 25-54, the declines are 55% and 53%, respectively.

Those results in the younger demos demonstrate just how idiotic the decision to cancel the entire Live PD platform was. The point of the cancellation was, presumably, to demonstrate that A&E was down with the struggle by caving to demands from primarily younger activists to eliminate programming that painted police in a positive light. Rather than wait to see whether there was still a demand for the show, A&E apparently just assumed that the activists spoke for their audience.

I can’t wait until the headlines read “NBA, NFL, and MLB Lost Half Their Viewing Audience After They Got “Woke.”

Trust me, it’s going to happen.


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