AOC Removes Her Mask In Order to Blow “COVID Bubbles” in a Child’s Face

AOC Removes Her Mask In Order to Blow “COVID Bubbles” in a Child’s Face

AOC proves more and more every day how she’s not the “brightest” bartender in the building.

As you know, AOC and the rest of the left have been pushing a “mandatory mask” order for all Americans.

They want you wearing a mask every single time you leave your home for the entire time you’re out and about – even outdoors.

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So, as someone who is hell-bent on forcing me and you to wear a “medical muzzle,” you’d think AOC would bend over backward to set a “stringent” mask example, right?

Well, no, of course not…she’s a liberal.

Instead, AOC took off her mask so she could blow COVID bubbles into a little kid’s face.

Needless to say, Twitter users had a few things to say to AOC about it:

“Doesn’t blowing bubbles spread the virus further. Now her droplets are in each bubble she blew”

“Is she is trying to murder that poor child, I thought masks saved lives!”

“She’s weaponizing her Covid in the form of bubbles!”

“Bubbles travel more than 6 feet She is literally murdering people”

“Watch out! Those bubbles are dangerous! If one of them hits you and pops…you lose I.Q. points instantly!”

“You just don’t understand. The rules aren’t for her. They are for you.”

The left is famous for the “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality.


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