How a Smart, Brave, Pretty Blonde Texas Mayor Fought Against “Sharia Law Court” In Her City, and Won 

How a Smart, Brave, Pretty Blonde Texas Mayor Fought Against “Sharia Law Court” In Her City, and Won 

When Beth Van Duyne was the mayor of Irving, Texas, her dedication and hard work made it one of the safest cities in Texas under her leadership.

However, it was what Mayor Van Duyne did back in 2015, that put her name on the political map, and would eventually catch the attention of the Trump admin.

I wanted to share this story with you because it’s about a strong Republican woman who didn’t back down from a “Politically Incorrect” fight. She fought for the Constitution and won…and we need more of that attitude today.


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Back in January 2015, Mayor Van Duyne discovered that a group of Muslims were planning to create a “Sharia Law Court” in her city – Irving, Texas.

Can you imagine? Sharia Law in Texas? It’s almost unthinkable, but it almost happened.

Mayor Van Duyne began an investigation into the allegations, that led her down a path that she never imagined that she’d travel.

From American Thinker

Van Duyne  went directly to the source, the website. What she noticed was shocking. The imams at the website referred to themselves as “attorneys” and “judges” even though none of them were lawyers or practice law in the State of Texas. She noted a phone number for legal services. There was also a disclaimer at the bottom that read:

“Don’t send us any confidential material, before an attorney client relationship has been established.”

They were even charging for their services. They listed divorce cases, product liability, business, and real estate litigations as their legal specialties.  Mayor Van Duyne wanted to know why anyone would subject themselves to Sharia law in the United States while everyone is protected under the U.S. Constitution! And she repeatedly noted, her biggest concern was for women were treated differently than men under Sharia law, put at a great disadvantage, and denied basic rights we are all guaranteed.

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Mayor Van Duyne was reeling after discovering this “shadow court system,” and she asked her Texas Homeland Security to investigate.

The Islamic Tribunal was the first “Sharia Court” in the U.S., and these pseudo “lawyers” were already deciding non-criminal cases.

Among one of the first things Mayor Van Duyne did was alert the public that despite rumors, a “Sharia Law Court” had not been approved by the city, and she stated that no city official had anything to do with the Mosques decision to create the “court.”

From American Thinker 

Despite a great deal of pushback and non-stop attacks from the leftist media in Texas, Beth Van Duyne, a woman of great courage managed to push the envelope off the table on Sharia’s implementation in her own U.S. city: Irving, Texas. The Mayor wasn’t aware of the extent of Sharia practiced by the Islamic Tribunal. So, she asked lawmakers at the Texas Homeland Security Forum to investigate the legality of this group in North Texas.

In a direct and powerful response, she refuted that it was authorized or approved by her office. The Islamic Tribunal was the first of its kind in the nation. Its members had begun deciding “non-criminal” cases, even though none of the tribunal members was an attorney. On her Facebook page, the mayor wrote:

“Sharia Law Court was NOT approved or enacted by the City of Irving. Recently, there have been rumors suggesting that the City of Irving has somehow condoned, approved or enacted the implementation of a Sharia Law Court in our City. Let me be clear, neither the City of Irving, our elected officials or city staff have anything to do with the decision of the mosque that has been identified as starting a Sharia Court.”

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To protect her citizens, Mayor Van Duyne quickly helped create a bill that would protect citizens from foreign laws that would infringe on their Constitutional rights.

However, anticipating a sh*t storm from the left, Mayor Van Duyne made sure not to use the words “Sharia Law” in the bill. Mayor Van Duyne then met with local Muslim leaders and asked them if they’d support the law, and privately they agreed, however, publicly…well, that was an entirely different story. Not so surprisingly, Muslim groups fought tooth and nail to stop the bill from passing.

From American Thinker

Being fully prepared for the backlash from the left-wing media, the resolution was crafted without using the words, “Sharia law,” “Sharia,” “Muslim,” “Islamic,” or “religion.” It simply stated the obvious, that the United States has at the tip of its legal pyramid the Constitution, and under it a substantial body of federal, state, local laws, ordinances, resolutions, and huge volumes of case law that together have served us well since the ratification of the Constitution. “This bill does not mention, at all, Muslim, sharia law, Islam, even religion,” said Van Duyne. “It specifically talks about foreign laws not taking precedence over U.S. laws and those in the State of Texas.”

When the City of Irving came out with this resolution, they invited Muslim imams to come and support it. “When we had met them in private, we asked the members of the mosque if they would support our American laws and if they would support and follow our Texas State Statutes, and they told me in that private meeting, yes, they would,” stated Mayor Van Duyne. The Mayor sent them the Bill, but not only did she not hear back from them, but when she did, a protest group went into the town hall to protest and object to it.

Muslim groups did their level best to have the resolution fail. Fortunately, the Mayor held a hair’s-breath margin when the resolution passed by a five to four vote majority.

The Muslim groups with help from Democrats came close to stopping the bill.  However, in the end, the bill passed by the skin of its teeth in a five-four vote. Later, the Texas Senate passed a bill that forbids any foreign laws or “courts” to be used to override American law, even in civil matters.

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Honestly, every state should have this law.

The Texas Senate passed a bill that year, forbidding the implementation of any foreign laws, which would adversely affect any person’s Constitutional rights. Senator Donna Campbell said that her bill doesn’t mention Sharia law at all, only guarantees that no law from “foreign courts” would be used to override American law in settling civil matters according to Unfortunately, the Bill failed to pass in the House. [American Thinker]

And that is how a little mayor from Irving, Texas defeated Sharia Law in her city.

As American Thinker so perfectly put it, “On that day, Mayor Beth Van Duyne stood tall and strong to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States for you, me and all Americans.”

Yes, we agree…and we just wanted to share this amazing story of bravery, courage, and The Constitution with you.


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