[VIDEO] Young Black Man to Violent BLM Mobs “If You Want to Start a Civil War, Do It…I’m Ready to Fight You”

[VIDEO] Young Black Man to Violent BLM Mobs “If You Want to Start a Civil War, Do It…I’m Ready to Fight You”

This young black man is fed up and he’s ready to speak out and he knows that this could mean the “end” for him…he doesn’t care. This is too important.

I don’t know who this guy is – when I saw his video I knew that I had to get it to you because it’s that powerful and also because this guy is putting his face out there knowing he could lose everything for going against the very powerful “Black Lives Matter” organization.

But like I said earlier, he’s fed up – he’s had it – and he’s ready to fight for the soul of America.

He starts the video off by saying that he’s watched “thousands” of videos showing white people being beaten up by black people. The “Macy’s” video impacted him most of all. That was where a black man beat a white Macy’s worker senseless for no apparent reason other than the color of his skin and to make a “viral video.”

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He goes on to talk about New York, and the BLM rioters who were throwing fireworks into buildings (many occupied with children, by the way).

He’s sick of it. He says this has nothing to do with George Floyd.

He says this is about “civil war” that the left wants to start…I think he’s 100% right. The left’s philosophy is the more chaos fear and destruction they can whip up, the worse it is for Trump.

This young man is tired of seeing his country burned to the ground and he’s willing and ready to risk everything – life, limb, and reputation to fight and defend her.

This is a must-watch video.

You can watch the video below (warning language):


I have been saying that people all across America are “waking up” and seeing through all the lies and deceit.

This brave young man is further proof of that. Keep it up, keep fighting…people are coming around to the truth.


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