Report: New York AG Just Ordered “Black Lives Matter” to Immediately Stop Soliciting Donations

Report: New York AG Just Ordered “Black Lives Matter” to Immediately Stop Soliciting Donations

The “Black Lives Matter” group was just told they’re no longer allowed to solicit donations in New York City.

According to officials, the “Black Lives Matter” group is a foundation out of California and is not affiliated with the “Black Lives Matter Foundation.”

This is all very confusing since they have the same exact name.

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What I can gather is that this California based group of “Black Lives Matter” has raised more than $4 million dollars off of George Floyd’s death and nobody knows how the money is being spent.

I’d guess it’s going into Joe Biden’s coffers…

To make matters more curious, the “Black Lives Matter” group is using a UPS store as their address.

From Just The News

state attorney general in New York says that the Black Lives Matter Foundation must immediately stop seeking donations from New Yorkers who believe the organization is affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The foundation is a California-based company that is not registered in New York as a charitable organization, which makes it illegal to collect donations from inside the state, New York Attorney General Letitia James said Monday.

“Every organization that seeks to solicit donations from New Yorkers must follow state laws. We will also fight for transparency so that donors’ goodwill isn’t preyed upon by opportunists,” James also said. “The Black Lives Matter Foundation failed to register or file any financial documents with the state, and therefore, has failed to provide New Yorkers with information on how their donations will be used.”

The foundation, which is listed as a nonprofit with a singular employee and a UPS store as its address, raised more than $4 million following the May 25 death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis. The majority of those funds have now been frozen as the foundation came under scrutiny.

I dug around and found out more about this “Black Lives Matter,” and I am telling you, this whole movement – no matter what the name or location – is just a piggy bank for progressives to get rich or elect the candidates of their choice.

It’s a giant slush fund.

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In this Buzzfeed article, they discover that the guy who started “Black Lives Matter” has been collecting a “salary” for his “work,” which from what we can see, isn’t much of anything except “raking in the dough.”

From Buzzfeed

Robert Ray Barnes, a 67-year-old music producer in LA, created the nonprofit in 2015, two years after the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.

In interviews last month, Barnes told BuzzFeed News that he has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement and accused its leaders of stealing his name. He also said he maintained a stream of donors, including corporations and individuals who send small checks to his foundation’s mailing address — a UPS store in Santa Clarita, California.

Barnes, who paid himself $24,000 in salary in 2017, would not disclose how much his foundation had raised over the past five years, though tax filings from 2017 — its most recently available — showed it had collected about $300,000. In interviews last month, Barnes said he had yet to implement any of his plans — which include community dinners with police and a bulletin highlighting positive policing stories — but insisted that his foundation was legitimate.

If anyone in the GOP Senate gave a rats-you-know-what and wanted to seriously shut down this Marxist organization they would delve into the financials of all these “BLM” groups and see where this money is going.

But nobody will because we have a do-nothing GOP Senate who isn’t really serious about doing anything to shut down the left. They’re just sitting there doing whatever they can to not make waves.



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