[VIDEO] The California “Silent Majority” Just Delivered the Biggest “Screw You” in History to Tyrannical Democrat Leaders

[VIDEO] The California “Silent Majority” Just Delivered the Biggest “Screw You” in History to Tyrannical Democrat Leaders

Wow. Americans always find a way to let their feelings be known, don’t they?

Cali residents were told not to celebrate the 4th of July with “illegal fireworks,” and instead of complying, they told officials “screw you” and literally lit up the skies like it was 1776 all over again.

If liberals think Americans are going to comply with their tyrannical “COVID panic-peddling” or their “4th of July is racist” nonsense, they’re sadly mistaken.

First off, COVID is a highly contagious virus. We’re probably all going to catch it at some point. I have had it. My mom and my daughter had it. You will likely get it and you have over a 99% chance to survive. You also have over an 80% chance you won’t have a single symptom. Regardless of what the media says, COVID is not a “death sentence” for the masses. That’s complete hogwash.

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If you’re vulnerable or you have pre-existing conditions that make you vulnerable, be very cautious, and careful because yes, COVID is dangerous for you. If not, live your life, you’ll be okay.

Next, America isn’t a horrible racist cesspool of hate. We’re an amazing young nation with a rich history of good and bad stuff, just like every other country out there.

People flock to America because we’re amazing, not because we’re a hateful place to live.

And these California “silent majority” residents celebrated their freedom in perfect all-American style…by telling tyrannical government officials to “suck it.”

And the skies over commie Cali never looked so beautiful and free!

You can watch the video below:

And I don’t like the term “illegal fireworks.” I prefer “undocumented fireworks.”


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