[VIDEO] When Asked About Her Favorite “Public Sex” Moment, Chrissy Says, “The Obama Thing” As Her Husband Looks on Horrified

[VIDEO] When Asked About Her Favorite “Public Sex” Moment, Chrissy Says, “The Obama Thing” As Her Husband Looks on Horrified

What the hell is wrong with Chrissy Teigen?

This woman is like a vulgar and degenerate wrecking ball.

When she’s not cussing out the president or tweeting about “half-naked” young girls doing gymnastics, this very troubled young woman is humiliating her husband by talking about “public sex” and that “Obama thing.”

Eewww, gross.

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During an interview with tabloid show “Extra,” Teigen, with her husband at her side, was asked about “public sex,” and her favorite moment…her response was “Probably that Obama thing…”

Teigen, who behaves like she has 18 different personality disorders began wildly laughing like an unhinged 15-year-old, while her husband stood there looking horrified – like a father who just watched his out of control teen do something utterly humiliating.

You can watch the video below:

Well, I decided to look this up and see what the heck this weird, creepy woman was talking about with the “Obama thing,” and I found something.

From Refinery 29

“Obama thing” they were referencing. “It wasn’t at the White House, to be clear,” Legend explained. “It was at a campaign event that we happened to be at.” He began by saying that they were in his dressing room, but Teigen quickly cut in to clarify, saying, “It was in the bathroom.”

Honestly, if her behavior wasn’t so disturbing and likely dangerous, she’d sound just like an oversexed, awkward high school teen.

But she’s not in high school. Chrissy Teigen is a grown-ass woman who has openly admitted to getting “sexually excited” by watching young girls perform gymnastics….I’m sorry, but that’s not normal.

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Not at all.

She is a mother raising young children – and she should seek help so she doesn’t destroy those poor kids’ lives.


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