Chrissy Teigen’s Disturbing Tweet About “Half-Naked” Little Girls Goes Viral

Chrissy Teigen’s Disturbing Tweet About “Half-Naked” Little Girls Goes Viral

Chrissy Teigen is facing a lot of “pedophile” accusations right now, thanks to rumors that she flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and went to his “Pedophile Island.”

I have not seen any proof that she was on the plane, and certainly no photos of her on the island, but I will say that it’s very curious how Chrissy is handling this whole mess.

First off, instead of ignoring the so-called “rumors” and just letting it die off, Chrissy added fuel to the fire by engaging with people and making snide and snarky comments.

That only drew more attention to the situation and, then Chrissy went from “sassy” to “sorrow” and started playing the victim card.

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Again, this only made matters worse – and people started digging through all of her past tweets and found some rather odd and downright disturbing things that in their minds, supported the “pedophile” accusations.

Chrissy responded to this by deleting over 60K old tweets. Of those 60K tweets, she’s supposedly deleted nearly 30K that referenced children in some “sketchy” or “inappropriate” way.

We now have one of those tweets that’s been deleted. It was posted by Candace Ownes, and I have to say – as a mother of a girl – it’s gross and I don’t think the least bit “funny” at all, I don’t care how what context you put it in.

I have no idea if Chrissy Teigen flew on Epstein’s jet or went to his island, I also have no proof or information that she has done anything wrong with children…But I will say this much…based on her words here in this tweet that she deleted, I don’t think she should be around young children (even her own) unless she’s supervised because this is not “normal” and it’s not a joke. Child pedophilia is not funny at all.

She obviously needs mental help and a lot of prayers.


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