[VIDEO] New Bizarre “Coronavirus” Statue Was Just Unveiled and People Are Already Hoping It Get’s Toppled

[VIDEO] New Bizarre “Coronavirus” Statue Was Just Unveiled and People Are Already Hoping It Get’s Toppled

Behold….the monument to COVID has just been unveiled and it’s as dumb and ugly as you would imagine it to be.

What is wrong with humanity? I feel like everyone has literally lost their last marble.

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Liberals (I’m assuming their liberal because nobody else is that insane) unveiled a new statue to commemorate COVID-19.

If I’m being honest, it’s actually really ugly…it looks like something you’d see in an episode of The Simpsons or Southpark.

The unveiling of this really ugly and bizarre statue took place in Latvia, but trust me, one of these beauties will be coming soon to a liberal-run U.S. city near you.

You can watch the video below:


Here are some of the comments people made about this crazy monument to a virus:

“Let’s reveal this fancy statue of a doctor in a mask in front of a whole group of people NOT wearing a mask. haha dumbest statue ever.”

“Is this a joke? It seems like this must be fake or something, it is so bad and absurd . . .”

“It’s a new IDOL. SCIENCE”

“WTH, I love tearing down statues now.”


Gross! Hope it gets pulled down. Plus we all remember the @tiktok_us

“Oh brother. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. This CV frenzy is everywhere.”


“conform with government orders”


I think one reason liberals embrace COVID is that they think it’s the ‘thing’ that will take down President Trump. So, just like how they embraced Stormy Daniels and every other idiot who was supposed to “Destroy” Trump, they look at COVID as some hero sent here to free them from “Trump hell.”

Seriously, they’re THAT crazy.


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