George Papadopoulos’ Latest “SpyGate” Tweet Must Have The Deep State in a “Deep State of Panic”

George Papadopoulos’ Latest “SpyGate” Tweet Must Have The Deep State in a “Deep State of Panic”

Former Trump official George Papadopoulos, who was at the very center of the “SpyGate” fiasco, published a very interesting tweet that spells good news for Team Trump and potentially very bad news for Team Deep State.

As you know by now, SpyGate goons tried to pump Papadopoulos for “Russia info” (that didn’t exist) and then when that failed, they worked to set him up, using what appears to be a “double agent” named Professor Joseph Mifsud in Italy, who reportedly told Papadopolous that he had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

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They were trying to bait George in…in the end, that didn’t work either.

We’re told that Misfud went missing – people even speculated that he had committed “suicide.”

However, some also speculate that he’s actually alive and in hiding and that’s who Willam Barr and John Durham went to see when they traveled to Italy.

Keeping on the Misfud “theme,” George published a very interesting tweet today about the University where George just so happened to “bump into” Professor Misfud.

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That university, which the Depe State used as the backdrop for their little plot was just raided by Italian authorities, according to George.

That’s big news…especially as we’re getting closer to the end of summer when Barr hopes to release information on the Durham investigation.

But it’s the last line of his tweet that I like best…

“Italy us with us.”

Here’s a translated blip from an Italian website

27 companies were searched in the new judicial investigation which sees the top managers of Link Campus University investigated . These are companies that work mainly in the field of logistics and cyber security and who would have purchased false research and development projects from the telematic university. Some of these are said to be “injured parties” and declare that they have long since initiated criminal proceedings against the university. Others have their bosses investigated together with Unilink executives, while in some cases both converge.

As with Global education management Srl, the university’s management company, led by Vanna Fadini (investigated) and 5% owned by Global drake Ltd. Names that recur and that even intertwine with the Russiagate case that involved the president of the U.S. Donald Trump .

This is good, we need them with us in order to tie everything up into a neat bow. Same with Australia. Both of those two countries are “hotspots” for #SpyGate.

It’s also interesting that just today another report came out that stated how “spooked” Adam Schiff is about the Durham investigation and how’s he’s been “kept in the dark.”

Timing is everything in politics and nothing is a coincidence.


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