[VIDEO] Gutfeld Goes Totally Off Script and Loses His Cool Over Skyrocketing Violent Crime in de Blasio’s NYC

[VIDEO] Gutfeld Goes Totally Off Script and Loses His Cool Over Skyrocketing Violent Crime in de Blasio’s NYC

Greg Gutfeld has had it with de Blasio and NYC.

And not in a “funny ha-ha” way…he’s deadly serious.

Gutfeld went off-script during the taping of “The Five,” and did something different from his usual formal “monologue.”

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Gutfeld – who is angry, and frustrated – lost his cool when he started discussing what’s happened to New York City and how he and others he knows, no longer feel “safe” living in the Big Apple.

Gutfeld even said that he went out and bought his first gun to protect him and his family.

From Red State

Gutfeld says we keep calling the crime spree in places like New York City ‘anarchy’, but he says it’s really “systemic crime borne from systemic disrespect for the police, systemic disinformation by the media and systemic lefitsm that runs these cities.”

Later in the clip, after explaining that the main issue to these leftists is that “Republicans and conservatives and people who live in New York who are scared crapless are going to pounce on this issue” and use it to go after Black Lives Matter, Gufeld exclaims “no, we’re not using it to go after anybody! We are scared to death for what’s happening to our neighborhoods.”

Gutfeld reveals that he has female staffers now who are now too scared to walk 6 blocks to work, and “rightfully so” he adds, noting that “the savagery is unbelievable” on the streets of NYC right now.

Gutfeld continues in the clip below, saying it’s so bad in NYC that for the first time in his life he went and bought a firearm to protect his family:

You can watch the videos below:

Meanwhile, let me show you how de Blasio’s is responding to the soaring crime and the fact that more criminals are roaming the streets of New York City:

What de Blasio just said in that video is a very “communist” mindset.

Communists believe that prison is “fascism,” and the only people who should be locked up are political dissidents.

It’s truly scary what this man is doing to New York.


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