Grieving Son Compares His Dad’s “10 person Only” Funeral Tomorrow to John Lewis: “I Get it. My Dad Wasn’t Important”

Grieving Son Compares His Dad’s “10 person Only” Funeral Tomorrow to John Lewis: “I Get it. My Dad Wasn’t Important”

Our political elites are openly mocking us lowly peasants.

They don’t even care to hide their contempt or arrogance at this point, that’s how confident they are in their power and position.

Elitists like Obama, Pelosi, Bush, and Cuomo are flaunting their privilege in our faces. They don’t have to wear masks. They don’t have to socially distance, they still collect their paychecks, and they can gather with as many of their rich and privileged friends as they like.

They don’t play by the same rules that they set for us.

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Life for a political elite is good. They do all the talking. They make all the rules, and then they go about and do whatever they want to do, while the rest of us suffer.

And the really absurd part in all of this is that we elected these people. They’re supposed to work for us.

Nowhere was that sickening and smug privilege more on display than at Rep. John Lewis’s funeral – a funeral that I think has been going on for a week now.

Almost as long as George Floyd’s funeral…

Hundreds gathered for the Lewis funeral – HUNDREDS – but lowly peasants like you and me are forced to grieve and bury our loved ones with only 10 or so people.

That’s what one grieving son heartbreakingly pointed out in a sad but very powerful viral tweet.

He posted a photo of the packed Lewis funeral and said, “I get it. My dad wasn’t important. So it’s ok to limit his funeral to 10 people tomorrow.”

It’s just stomach-turning beyond belief.

If there really was this horrific “pandemic” threat, do you think these pompous asses would risk their own precious lives like this?

Of course not.

This is all political. We’re all suffering right now so the Dems have a “better shot” at winning the White House.

And trust me, it’s not just that grieving son who is feeling the hurt and sting of liberal elitism.

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Another Twitter user, Christine Rousselle from Maine talked about the memorial mass for her father that they still haven’t been able to have, thanks to “COVID,” in a state with a total of 420 active cases.

Here’s what she said: “My dad’s memorial Mass was supposed to be on Saturday, but we were told it is not safe to have 50 people indoors at the church that seats 600. He died in May. We’re not sure if we’ll be allowed to have it in September either. Maine has 420 active cases statewide rn.

What’s happening right now in this country is a travesty. What’s even worse is that we’re taking it. We’re allowing this to happen to us.

These political vultures have sunk their claws so deeply into our flesh that we can’t move. We’re like trapped prey.

But there’s light at the end of this dark and dank tunnel – and that “light” is the election.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Jim Jordan Rakes Dr. Fauci Over the Coals When He Refuses to Call Out Danger of Mass “BLM Protests”

What we’re seeing now is a massive MASSIVE power-grab by the Dems, as they desperately try to regain a foothold in hopes of winning back the White House.

We can squash that power grab by voting for President Trump. That will be a devastating blow to the Dems and it will dismantle their little power cabal in a big way.

However, if we can’t do that, I’m sorry to say, but it’s over for us. Things will get 1000X worse.

So, vote…vote like your life depends on it…and make sure everyone in your inner and outer circle understands what’s happening and make sure they vote too.

We’ve got this, as long as we fight as we’ve never fought before.


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