After Federal Judge Was Assigned to “Epstein Case” Her Son and Husband Were Murdered by Assassin in “FedEx” Uniform

After Federal Judge Was Assigned to “Epstein Case” Her Son and Husband Were Murdered by Assassin in “FedEx” Uniform

There are no “coincidences” when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein.

So, when a man dressed as a FedEx driver opened fire at the home of judge who was just assigned an “Epstein” case last week, you know something is up.

The attack happened in New Jersey on Sunday night at the home of Judge Esther Salas.

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Judge Salas’s 20-year-old son was killed and her husband is in critical condition – and the only reason the judge is still alive is that she was in the basement during the shooting

From Daily Mail

The son of a federal judge has been shot dead and her husband critically wounded after they were attacked at their home by a gunman dressed as a FedEx driver.

The attack happened at the home of Esther Salas, 51, an Obama-appointed District Court judge, in North Brunswick, New Jersey, on Sunday evening.

The judge’s 20-year-old son Daniel Anderl was killed, and her defense attorney husband Mark Anderl, 63, was critically injured.

The shooting came days after the judge was assigned a case with links to Jefferey Epstein, although there is not yet any suggestion that the attack is linked to her work.

The attack began at around 5pm when Mark Anderl answered the front door to the family home. He was shot several times.

Daniel, a student at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., then went to investigate the commotion and was fatally shot.

The perpetrator, believed to be a lone gunman, then fled the scene and is not yet in custody.

Francis ‘Mac’ Womack, the mayor of North Brunswick, New Jersey, said that Daniel was ‘shot through the heart’.

Mark is reportedly in critical but stable condition at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick.

Judge Salas is believed to have been in the basement of the home during the shooting and was unharmed in the attack, according to NBC New York.

On July 15, Judge Salas was assigned to a case linked to pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The case Salas is presiding over involves as ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies and failed to monitor ‘high-risk’ customers including convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.


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