Couple Who Painted Over “Black Lives Matter” Street Mural Were Just Charged With a “Hate Crime”

Couple Who Painted Over “Black Lives Matter” Street Mural Were Just Charged With a “Hate Crime”


Read about the Soros connection here. 

I am one of the many people who care a great deal about black lives, but do not support “Black Lives Matter.”

I care about my fellow Americans, and I want to see black Americans succeed and it hurts me to know that many have been in a jam because they were cast out of society for years and then neglected by their political party.

My disgust with Black Lives Matter is not a reflection of how I feel about Black people – and I think many white, brown, and even black Americans would agree with me on this.

I have an issue with BLM because they’re a Marxist organization, run by Soros, that uses black people to push a communist agenda, while real issues and needs of black Americans are swept under the rug.

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Again, I have a feeling that many white, brown, and black Americans would agree with me on this.

But because the media, Dems, and corporate America have deemed BLM the “litmus test” to gauge people’s “racism,” it’s now dangerous to speak out against BLM.

Look, I don’t care if someone calls me a “racist.” I am called that every day simply because I am a Trump supporter – I know who I am, and I know my own heart and what others say doesn’t bother me.

But things have gone way beyond just “words” now.

People’s lives are being ruined, lost jobs, and now even jail-time for not “supporting BLM” or other progressive communist groups.

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That’s what happened to the couple in California who painted over a “Black Lives Matter” street mural on the 4th of July.

You can watch the video below:

They’ve just been charged with a hate crime for it.

This is outrageous and dangerous and just so un-American.

Here are what others are saying about the charges:

“Domestic terrorists can destroy cities without consequence but you’ll be charged with a hate crime if you repaint the road black after the name of a Marxist organization was written on it.”

“Opposing Black Lives Matter is now a hate crime. Holy f*ck.”

“Absolutely ludicrous. The black guy who pummeled a white Macy’s employee wasn’t charged with a hate crime but two white people are charged with a hate crime for painting over graffiti.”

“Aren’t the terrorists tearing down national monuments because they hate America the ones committing hate crimes?”

We need to keep fighting. If we don’t win this election it’s “lights out” for America.

Stay strong, and let horrible news like this fuel your patriotic spirit to keep fighting.

Let your voice be heard, don’t be silent. Speak out to everyone you know and especially your elected officials and your police and sheriff.

Tell them how you feel – even if they disagree with you. Keep pushing. The Silent Majority cannot be silent anymore.


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