[VIDEO] Liberal Mob Continues Devouring Poor Mary Hart…Their Latest Assault Against Her is Absolutely Shameful

[VIDEO] Liberal Mob Continues Devouring Poor Mary Hart…Their Latest Assault Against Her is Absolutely Shameful

We reported last week that the left was devouring former “Entertainment Tonight” host Mary Hart after she took part in President Trump’s 4th of July event at Mt. Rushmore.

Well, they’re still at it – and it’s actually gotten worse.

Now, race-baiter April Ryan, a pundit over at CNN, along with a horde of other crazy liberals are claiming that Mary Hart flashed the “white power” sign during President Trump’s wildly successful event.

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Ryan took to Twitter where she shared a photo of Mary in mid-speech with her hands making the “OKAY” symbol, and a ridiculous article from tabloid rag “Daily Mail,” that claimed Hart was a flashing the universal “gang sign” for white supremacy. ??

Here’s what Ryan said: “Legendary @ETnow anchor Mary Hart outraged longtime fans of the former #EntertainmentTonight host by flashing the white power sign at @realDonaldTrump’s rally at Mount Rushmore. ”

Needless to say, people quickly responded to the sheer stupidity of this claim:

“Politics aside (I mean that sincerely)… it is categorically insane to believe that she was flashing a “white power sign.” It’s irresponsible and genuinely unhealthy that so many people are being radicalized by their own blind obsession to hate Trump or anyone is his orbit.”

“You’re a certifiable idiot.”

“Did you get dropped on your head a lot as a child?”


Here’s the video that the left is passing around of Mary:

If you get a chance, show Mary Hart some love and support. She’s been going through this leftist mob attack since July 3rd.

Her Twitter account is located here.



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