While Liberals Trash Melania’s 4th of July Outfit, Dr. Gina Reminds Everyone of “Fashion Icon” Michelle Obama

While Liberals Trash Melania’s 4th of July Outfit, Dr. Gina Reminds Everyone of “Fashion Icon” Michelle Obama

Melania Trump is the most stylish First Lady we’ve ever had. Not since Jackie O’ has a First Lady dropped jaws and turned heads with such perfect fashion sense.

Even so, liberals still attack and trash her relentlessly.

That’s precisely what happened on July 4th, when Melania wore an amazing piece by designer Alexander McQueen.

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The piece was a sleeveless white dress with abstract markings all over it. The Markings were actually drawings from design students and was created as a tribute to “unity” during the pandemic. What a lovely gesture from Melania to wear it.


That’s what we need more of.

So, of course, liberals mocked the dress:

“Looks like Donald took his Sharpie to Melania’s dress.”

“hurricane melanie”

“I’m over here scanning it for a “send help” written on it somewhere”

“Donald Trump got bored and drew all over Melania’s white dress with a sharpie on Air Force One”


“Instructions for the next plastic surgeon.”

“Actually, I believe those were notes for his speech.”

As you can imagine, there was an endless stream of those types of comments, I won’t bore you with any more of them.

Instead, I’ll show you what conservative pundit Dr. Gina had to say about that other “amazing fashion icon” Michelle Obama.

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After all the trashing of Melania, Dr. Gina mocked Michelle Obama’s very bad fashion. sense with a scathing tweet and ghastly photo of the former Fist Lady that read:

“Gosh I wish we could go back to the fashion queen, Michelle * sigh”

Here are a few comments from her tweet…they’re much more clever than the last ones you read:

“Attention K-Mart shoppers…Blue Light Special coming your way!!!”

“Even obama has that “what did I ever see in him” look on his face!”


“What a sight of pure evil. She did not know fashion like our First Lady Melania Trump icon . Michelle never dressed nice but media sure did act like she did. Disgrace”

Liberals should stay in their lane and leave the “fashion critiques” for the experts because they have ZERO room to talk when it comes to Mrs. Obama, who was in no way a “fashion icon.”




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