300 Angry Protesters Just Showed up at Michael Bloomberg’s $20 Million Dollar Mansion With “Pitchforks”

300 Angry Protesters Just Showed up at Michael Bloomberg’s $20 Million Dollar Mansion With “Pitchforks”

All sorts of mobs are now popping up and they’re making their way out of the cities and into the ‘burbs.

Well, if you want to call the Hampton’s or Beverly Hills the “burbs…either way, the anti-American BLM Marxists are now going after America’s wealthiest men…starting with Little Michael Bloomberg, who dropped out of the presidential race after he couldn’t generate any excitement whatsoever.

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From Hot Air

More than 100 taxi drivers and about 200 protesters marched to Bloomberg’s $20M Southhampton mansion. Some came from New York City. They were angry about Governor Cuomo’s proposed 20% cut in state funding from schools, hospitals, and housing agencies. Instead of those cuts, the protesters demand that the state’s 118 billionaires make up for the steep revenue shortfall brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. They chanted “Tax the rich, not the poor!” No points for creativity.

The protest groups had disprarate demands, including raising taxes on billionaires, providing relief to taxi medallion owners, and recent proposed cuts to the New York state budget caused by a revenue shortfall tied to the pandemic.

“Enough is enough — it’s time for New York State to raise taxes on the rich instead of cutting services for working people,” said Alicé Nascimento, director of policy & research, New York Communities for Change, one of the organizers. Members of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance were part of the group protesting.

Let’s see how long Bloomberg and his rich liberal buddies keep supporting these protests once they realize they ARE the protest.


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