NBA Won’t Allow Customers to Create “Free Hong Kong” Custom Jerseys, But They Will Allow “F**K Police”

NBA Won’t Allow Customers to Create “Free Hong Kong” Custom Jerseys, But They Will Allow “F**K Police”

The NBA’s “create your custom” jersey function on their website is getting a lot of attention…but for all the wrong reasons.

According to a new video, on the NBA site, the “create a custom jersey” function is very pro-China and very anti-cop.  The video clearly shows that you’re not allowed to create a custom “Free Hong Kong” jersey, but you sure as heck are allowed to create a “F**ckPolice” jersey.

Nice, right?

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Notice in the screengrab below, you can’t complete your order with “FreeHongKong” for the jersey. The site auto-blocks you from ordering it.

However, when you try “FuckPolice” it works like a charm.


From Daily Caller 

What an absolute joke of a situation for the NBA and the apparel that it sells through the league’s official website!

How is it possible that the NBA bans you from putting “FreeHongKong” on a jersey, but “F**kPolice” uncensored is just fine?

What the hell is commissioner Adam Silver thinking? Do the Chinese own the NBA to the point to where they can now dictate what goes on jerseys? We all know the NBA bows down to the Chinese at every turn, but this is next-level insanity.

You can watch the video below:

So, just to recap: The NBA will bend over backward to protect communist China, and crap on a group of people fighting for their God-given human rights, and will also happily promote hate and violence against American men and women who lay their lives on the line to protect all of us.

Yes, that’s who the NBA is…and if you still support them, I’ve got news for you — you’re part of the problem.


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