[VIDEO] Investigative Reporter Witnesses Young Woman Use a “Baby” as a “Shield” During Violent and Bloody BLM Protest

[VIDEO] Investigative Reporter Witnesses Young Woman Use a “Baby” as a “Shield” During Violent and Bloody BLM Protest

Drew Hernandez is an independent investigative journo and he’s covering the BLM and ANTIFA riots in Portland, Oregon.

And boy oh boy,  did he capture something crazy dangerous and very reminiscent of “ISIS” type tactics.

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As you may already know, things in downtown Portland have gotten insanely violent as BLM and ANTIFA continue rioting. This may not seem like “big news” since ANTIFA regularly destroys downtown Portland, but trust me – it’s far more violent than its ever been before.

It’s so crazy down there that Hernandez actually captured video of a female protester strolling through the middle of a violent protest with a toddler.

Who on earth brings a baby to a bloody, violent protest?

In the video, you can see the guy who is walking along with the woman, and the baby is carrying a “skateboard.” Trust me, he’s not planning to go for a “skate” anytime soon. This is a makeshift weapon commonly used by ANTIFA to smash windows and heads.

You can watch the video below:

Mr. Hernandez later notes that he witnessed the woman using the baby as a “shield.”

“Additional info: this protester was using a baby as a human shield”

Doesn’t that remind you of ISIS?

They like to use kids as shields too.

If that’s her child, that woman’s parental rights should be revoked. If it’s not her child, whomever the parents are should have their parental right revoked.

It’s amazing to me that she was not arrested for child endangerment right there on the spot. Shame on the police for not protecting that little baby.

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