Online Conspiracy Theorists Share their “Evidence” that Furniture Company “Wayfair” is a Secret “Child Sex Trafficking Ring” 

Online Conspiracy Theorists Share their “Evidence” that Furniture Company “Wayfair” is a Secret “Child Sex Trafficking Ring” 


After trending #1 on Twitter for a day and a half, Wayfair has now responded to allegations that they’re part of a world-wide sex trafficking ring.

The company issued a statement. They also removed many of the “oddly-priced” items from their site, but maintain nothing was “wrong” with the items and the prices were valid, it’s just that the retailer didn’t “explain” the high-cost.


How on earth do you explain a cruddy-looking for $10K throw pillow or shower curtain?

Here’s their statement: 

I woke up this morning, made my coffee, and fed my dogs, and then sat down in my oversized comfy chair and started looking online to see what news unfolded while I was asleep…and boy, oh boy, did I get an “eyeful.”

I looked on Twitter and saw that ‘Wayfair” was trending.

I have serious issues with Wayfair…a couple years back I bought thousands of dollars worth of furniture and accessories to furnish a big brand new house and nearly everything I got was total junk.

So, when I saw that it was trending, I was secretly hoping those junk-peddlers were going out of business…but what I found out when I looked in the hashtag was waaaaaaaay crazier than that.

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Apparently, there’s a very popular conspiracy theory floating around that Wayfair is actually a “front” for a child sex trafficking ring.

I know…I was like, “what the heck???”

So I started reading what people were saying and sharing. As I go through the tweets, I see these screenshots of average, crappy-looking pillows for sale on Wayfair for nearly $10k. One pillow in particular shared the same name as a girl in Southfield, Michigan, who went missing.

Okay, this was getting weird…I needed more coffee and I had to look into this a bit more.

I decided to go on Wayfair and see if this “pillow” was really for sale at that absurd price.

And much to my surprise, it was actually there – a pillow named “Duplessis” that is being sold for a whopping $9,999.00 by a third-party international company called “Bungalow Rose.

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Maybe it was just a typo? Maybe the cost was supposed to be $9.99?

I mean, that seems very logical to me.

Well, not according to the online conspiracy theorists, because they say the unique name of the overpriced pillow matches the name of a missing girl from Michigan.

And apparently, it’s not just the pricey pillow…there are other very high-priced items on Wayfair – many of these items named after females, which conspiracy theorists believe are part of this “online sex trafficking” ring.

They believe third-party companies are using furniture and accessories as a front to advertise children for sale on Wayfair.

Sounds wild, right?

I found a few of the more detailed tweets to share with you.

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I’ll let you look at them and draw your own conclusions.

A few years ago, if you’d have told me this I would have laughed it off and never even gave it a second thought.

Today though, while I don’t really buy into this, I still wouldn’t it put it past our illuminates to do something so outrageous.

I have realized there are some really wicked, wealthy, and powerful people out there in this world that do a lot of sick and twisted things…I just think these types of people have a much more sophisticated network than junk-peddler “Wayfair.”


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