Social Media Users Demand to Know Why There’s No “Ghislaine Maxwell Mugshot”

Social Media Users Demand to Know Why There’s No “Ghislaine Maxwell Mugshot”

Conspiracy theories are flying fast and furious right now when it comes to Ghislaine Maxwell.

People are on the edge and are very suspicious of everything – and rightfully so.

After all, we just saw federal officials issue a bizarre “warning” that Ghislaine Maxwell may commit suicide.

What an oddball thing to say.

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It feels as if they’re teeing up the “death,” doesn’t it?

I mean, it feels so obvious at this point, I don’t even think anyone would accuse me of being a “conspiracy theorist” for saying it.

And speaking of “conspiracy theories,” folks online are growing very concerned that they’ve yet to see a mugshot of Ghislaine Maxwell.

If she was booked, why isn’t there a mugshot?

We see mugshots of every high-profile arrest from Mel Gibson to Robert Downey Jr and everyone in between. But yet nothing from Ghislaine.

Here’s what they’re saying online:

“Where is Ghislaine’s mugshot? No mugshot, but we get a picture of her and Kevin Spacey on thrones in Buckingham Palace.”

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, but there is absolutely no mugshots of her anywhere. Ghislaine Maxwell has been to court but there is no courtroom video of her anywhere. Someone please tell me what’s going on because I’m confused.”

“Not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything BUT if Ghislaine Maxwell has really been arrested and moved between jails then how come we haven’t seen any photos or even a mugshot?? Reporters are usually all over this shit!”

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been in custody for some days now but we’ve yet to see a mugshot or anything of that nature…”

“Where is Ghislaine Maxwell’s mugshot? I don’t believe she’s in custody…..that mugshot would’ve been trending on Twitter.”

“Where are the pictures of Ghislaine being arrested? A mug shot, show us a mugshot. They say they have her in custody, but do they really?”

“Sorry but I won’t believe Ghislaine is in prison until I see a mugshot”

“There is no mugshot of Ghislaine Maxwell because she’s not been arrested It’s all lies and propaganda. Just like the last 6 months.”

I am not a “conspiracy theorist” although I might become one soon…but in all seriousness, where the heck is the Ghislane Maxwell mugshot or the audio or video of her in court?




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